News overdose

Christopher Allan Webber at 2016-11-20T17:18:11Z

I've been on news overdose mode for the last... well year, but especially last few months. I'm constantly refreshing any available news source I can find. You can guess the reason, we don't need to say it.

I've also... sadly... been checking Twitter a lot, which used to just be a write-only mirror of what I write here. But I've been reading it. And aside from the proprietary problematic aspects, I don't think it's good for my focus. The firehose never ends, and it rarely says new things. 140 characters is just enough to nonstop read new drivel.

Time to cut back. Things aren't going to get less scary, and I'm certainly going to get my daily helping of it even if I scale back remarkably. And now more than ever, there's a lot to get done. I need to focus so I can play my part in building the alternative future we need... that's my responsibility, not checking the twitter neverending firehose or refreshing various news sites nonstop.

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@Mike Linksvayer Yeah, I unsubscribed to anyone not also subscribed to me. But in all logic I should unsubscribe to all :)

Christopher Allan Webber at 2016-11-20T21:45:57Z

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Twitter is 1 step away from being television.

jrobertson at 2016-11-22T12:54:10Z

Yes. I am already having news farigue. Between the US and PR elections, I just have enough. Hopefully I can look forward for Thankstiving weekend.

Luis at 2016-11-22T13:54:26Z