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    Seen in the window of a shop in Bézier


    I think that either a word is missing, or there is something seriously wrong in there :)
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    Palms, buildings and cloudy weather with a high chance of rain


    and then, not seen on the picture because privacy, a group of geeks typing on their laptops while sitting in sight of a swimming pool.

    Yes, I'm at #Debian SunCamp, and other than some intermittent issues with the "sun" part this is preparing to be a good and hopefully productive time!

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    Debunk some Debian myths
    Debian has many years of history, about 25 years already.With such a long travel over the continous field of developing our UniversalOperating System, some m...

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    mjg59 | Intel AMT on wireless networks
    More details about Intel's AMT vulnerablity have been released - it's about the worst case scenario, in that it's a total authentication bypass that appears to exist independent of whether the AMT is being used in Small Business or Enterprise modes
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    Tails - Announcing the Tails Social Contract
    We had written and adopted a Code of Conduct since our first public hackfest in Paris in 2014. This code was and is meant as a guide to make our public spaces welcoming and friendly to every sentient being. We have since then worked on a Social Contract which we proudly present today! ...

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  • Comunità Debian @ducc-it 2017

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    Aaaaand back from https://www.ducc.it/ where I've met many members of the Debian and Ubunty communities in Italy, and had a chance to talk about the Debian Community (represented in the slide below :) )

    (photo by erossi)

    Yes, there was a hat...

    (and there will be a longer post soon-ish. when it's ready.)

    @Gruppo Linux Como

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    mjg59 | Intel's remote AMT vulnerablity
    Intel just announced a vulnerability in their Active Management Technology stack. Here's what we know so far.
    A well-written analysis on the vulnerability that is being talked about quite a bit among (core|libre)boot users.

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    Comment 12 to: Typo Hunt: Empire Games - Charlie's Diary
    Please do not report errors through the Kindle app.

    Firstly, they don't get to the authors. (Or even the publishing folks, in some cases.)

    Secondly, Amazon use some whacked algorithm to boot books off sale if too many errors are reported.

    So reporting via Kindle won't fix errata, but it may get the book yanked off sale (and fuck my income stream)!
    I guess that amazon doesn't want to promote low quality typo-ridden stuff to its customers, but not even forwarding those reports sounds quite unexpected.

    (or maybe it's written in the app or something: I don't buy from Amazon, so I've never seen it.)
  • Public Service Announcement on BDSM and other things

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    I think this is a good time to remind the Free Software World, especially the part of it based on a certain programming language¹, of the existence of this Debconf Talk (textual, not (too) titillating discussion of NSFW topics).

    ¹ one that is not my programming language, but even that programming language is ok if used on your own server with a consenting sysadmin.
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    Leadership in Open Projects
    This past weekend, I participated in a training for "Skogsmulle" leaders and it gave me a first hand view of why focusing on leadership of free and open projects is exactly the right thing to do. To give you some context before I talk about why this is relevant for

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    aaron@aegibson.me 2017-03-25 14:30:02:
    21 XMPP use-cases and the best ways to achieve them | Erlang Solution blog
    If you're considering XMPP for your project but you are unsure if it can provide the functionality you need, you'll eventually end up here:


    I'm pretty sure you'll be quite intimidated by such a long list of features and extensions. Fear not, help is here!