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  • Public Service Announcement on BDSM and other things

    2017-04-15T18:13:41Z via social.gl-como.it To: Public

    I think this is a good time to remind the Free Software World, especially the part of it based on a certain programming language¹, of the existence of this Debconf Talk (textual, not (too) titillating discussion of NSFW topics).

    ¹ one that is not my programming language, but even that programming language is ok if used on your own server with a consenting sysadmin.
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    Leadership in Open Projects
    This past weekend, I participated in a training for "Skogsmulle" leaders and it gave me a first hand view of why focusing on leadership of free and open projects is exactly the right thing to do. To give you some context before I talk about why this is relevant for

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    aaron@aegibson.me 2017-03-25 14:30:02:
    21 XMPP use-cases and the best ways to achieve them | Erlang Solution blog
    If you're considering XMPP for your project but you are unsure if it can provide the functionality you need, you'll eventually end up here:


    I'm pretty sure you'll be quite intimidated by such a long list of features and extensions. Fear not, help is here!