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  • In case you were wondering why I insist on not using paypal...

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    Using Paypal with Indiegogo is very risky business
    Using Paypal with your Indiegogo campaign puts you and your funders at risk. Paypal can freeze your funding at any time, leaving you in financial ruin.

    Paypal froze our funds, then offered us a business loan
    About a year ago, we made the decision to use Paypal as the primary payment method for our company, Hacker Paradise. Aft…

    PayPal trouble delays project - Neo900
    If you have been following the project on IRC (Freenode #neo900) or on talk.maemo.org, you will already have read that we are having problems with payments made through PayPal.

    And indiegogo isn't exactly doing the right thing either.

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    Not to mention, PayPal's documentation is horrible. Absolutely terrible stuff.

    I may be biased, but I recommend using Stripe if you're writing a web application that has to take payments.

    Sean Tilley at 2016-02-06T01:24:28Z

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    Help Make “The Essential Guide to Electronics in Shenzhen” a Reality « bunnie's blog
    Readers of my blog know I’ve been going to Shenzhen for some time now. I’ve taken my past decade of experience and created a tool, in the form of a book, that can help makers, hackers, and entrepreneurs unlock the potential of the electronics markets in Shenzhen. I’m looking for your help to enable a print run of this book, and so today I’m...

    The paper fetishist in me loves the way this book is made, with paper mixed with pockets, spiral bound to allow for in-the-field usage.

    I'm almost sorry I don't really have any reason to go to Shenzhen, nor to buy the book :)
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    What Words Do Bing and Google Ban From Autocomplete?
    Warning: This article contains explicit language. Autocomplete is one of those modern marvels of real-time search technology that almost feels like it’ ...

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    Put Freedom into Firefox OS marketplace – Dreierlei
    I like to argue, that a clear benefit to the user experience would be to easily find and use Free Software inside Firefox OS and therewith support Mozilla’s idea of “Open Web”. With the upcoming “internet of things”, it will be crucial that the people are in control of the technology and the devices that surrounds them. And as one simple but effective step towards that vision, I propose that Mozilla has a clearer information policy inside the Firefox OS market place.

    Also see the relevant ticket on mozilla's bugtracker (and a comment on some of those comments)

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    Dreaming of role playing – Blog – Joachim Breitner's Homepage
    Recently, at a summer-school-like event, we were discussing pen-and-paper role playing. I’m not sure if this was after a session of role-playing, but I was making the point that you don’t need much or any at all of the rules, and scores, and dice, if you are one of the story-telling role players, and it can actually be more fun this way. As an ...

    Quite an enjoyable read.
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    Vision Survey closes this week. Add your voice! — Free Software Foundation — working together for free software
    Have you filled out our Vision Survey yet? It's up until Sunday night (specifically 12:00am Eastern or 05:00 UTC on Monday, February 1st). We've received lots of great feedback already, but we want to hear from more people across the free software community.

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    Tails - Tails 2.0 is out
    We are especially proud to present you Tails 2.0, the first version of Tails based on: GNOME Shell [...], and Debian 8 (Jessie) [...]. This release fixes many security issues and users should upgrade as soon as possible. We also redesigned completely our download and installation instructions to make it easier to get started with Tails. For example, you can now verify the ISO image automatically...

    Also relevant, the tails-installer has finally entered sid / stretch / jessie-backports.

    And you can setup your debian to download packages via Tor.

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    mjg59 | Linux Foundation quietly drops community representation
    The Linux Foundation is an industry organisation dedicated to promoting, protecting and standardising Linux and open source software[1]. The majority of its board is chosen by the member companies [...] Up until recently individual members ($99 a year) could also elect two board members, allowing for community perspectives to be represented at the board level.

    As of last Friday, this is no longer true.

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    Attention: a Kickstarter campaign abuse Pepper&Carrot's license - Pepper&Carrot
    I do not endorse and I'm not involved as an author in the running Kickstarter campaign "Pepper and Carrot Volume 2" created by Sir Ricky McGentleman (even if the page can make you believe I'm part of it).

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    2016-01-17T20:36:46Z via social.gl-como.it To: Public

    Enrico Zini coined the BDSM Free Software Manifesto (formerly Definition, which however isn't as precise as a description and more importantly doesn't fit in a cool geeky acronym):

    I refuse to be bound by software I cannot negotiate with.

    This begged to be turned into a cross-stitch wall hanging. I couldn't refuse.

    More information and context for the phrase can be found in the notes for Enrico's talk at DebConf 2015: "Enrico's Semi Serious Stand-up Comedy". Note that while fully textual, the topics may be considered not really SFW, and some of the links definitely aren't. It also includes many insights into the nature of collaboration and Free Software Communities, so I'd recommend reading it (and watching the video recording of the talk) anyway.

    I've finally also published the pattern on my website:

    * The image I've used while embroidering
    * kxstitch project (converted now that kxstitch is back into Debian)
    * kxstitch generated PDF 

    Edit: fixed broken links to kxstitch resources.

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  • Conservancy supporter, at last!

    2016-01-14T08:58:56Z via social.gl-como.it To: Public

    Yesterday I've finally donated to become a Conservancy Supporter.

    The reasons to donate have already been explained many times both on Planet Debian and elsewhere; a few weeks ago I wrote a post (in Italian) on the Ninux community blog to spread the word about it.

    So, why I haven't donated earlier?

    Trying to donate via PayPal from Italy (and, it seems, from Europe in general) requires a PayPal account, which I don't have and don't want to have, so I contacted them to ask for bank transfer instructions.
    The first instructions I received were too complex for my online-only bank account, so I asked my bank for help, there was an exchange of emails, further simpler instructions from their bank, a small donation to test everything and time passed.

    Finally, the good news: it is possible to donate to Conservancy from Italy (and probably from elsewhere in EU) using a SEPA transfer with minimal commissions and usually available from the home banking websites, so that it doesn't require significantly more effort than using paypal.
    You can contact Conservancy via e-mail to get the relevant payment data.

    (Conservancy has an account in EUR which is then used to pay for expenses in EUR, so no currency conversion commission are involved.)

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    Thank you for finding this out. Switching to SEPA transfer right away.

    Claes Wallin (韋嘉誠) at 2016-01-14T18:05:19Z

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    Non-technical steps for staying anonymous

    A number of things that you shouldn't do when using tor to protect your anonimity.

    It's targeted at new users and most of the people who have been using this kind of tools for a while already know most of the suggestions, but giving it a quick glance is probably useful as a refresher.

    @Gruppo Linux Como

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  • Smartphones, ownership and hope for the fate of humanity

    2016-01-07T21:15:21Z via social.gl-como.it To: Public

    Do you own your phone or does it own you? | DanielPocock.com

    Have you started thinking about new year's resolutions for 2016? Back to the gym or giving up sugary drinks? Many new year's resolutions have a health theme. Unless you have a heroin addiction, there may not be anything else in your life that is more addictive and has potentially more impact on your health and quality of life than your mobile phone...

    I have conflicting opinions about this article.

    Usually I carry a dumb phone, so I'm not completely disconnected, but I'm mostly self-limited to "useful" communications by the fact that I have to pay for calls and SMSs. It also has a few useful features like showing the time¹, an alarm clock and a led torch, but that's it.

    I also carry a smartphone, but I've never been able to trust it with my personal data, so there is no email on it and no communication software. It's also always offline to preserve battery, unless I'm actually using it for something (usually maps). It does have an offline wikipedia reader, which is the second thing I use it more often for. About half of the time I try to use it, however, it is off because I forgot to charge it, unless I've planned in advance to use it (which usually means I'm also carrying a laptop and will need to tether it).

    So I guess that I should be agreeing with the article that offline life is better, and that we shouldn't depend on phones in our daily life, and mostly I do.

    On the other hand, I'm not so sure that all of the people who seem to be interacting with a phone are actually disconnected from the local reality.

    More than once I've experienced the use of smartphones as part of a local interaction: one typical case involves people having a conversation IRL and checking some fact on the internet and then sharing the results with the rest of the local group.

    Actually, most² of the time I've seen a smartphone being used at our table while eating with friends or collegues it was being passed around to show something to the people at the table, or at the very least being read aloud from, so it was part of the local experience, not a way to disconnect from it.

    I'm sure that there are cases of abuse, but I still have hope that most of the connected humanity is managing to find a good balance between online and offline.

    ¹ I don't want to go back carrying a wrist watch. I remember them as something unconfortable that ended up hitting stuff as I moved my hands, and I'd rather have my wrists free while I type, thanks. Pocket watches, OTOH...

    ² the main exception involved one young adult in the middle of significantly older relatives, which is a somewhat different issue, and one that I believe predated smartphones (IIRC in my case similar situations involved trying to be somewhere else by reading a book).

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  • 2016-01-06T12:00:07Z via social.gl-como.it To: Public

    Promoting free software and free communications on popular social media networks | DanielPocock.com
    Should free software projects, especially those revolving around free communications technology, use such platforms to promote themselves?

    @Gruppo Linux Como @Matteo Urano

    On the same topic as the conversation we've had at the LUG a few months ago, with a venue where it could be continued together with the wider FLOSS community.
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    Enca - Michal Čihař
    Enca is an Extremely Naive Charset Analyser. It detects character set and encoding of text files and can also convert them to other encodings using either a built-in converter or external libraries and tools like libiconv, librecode, or cstocs.

    This is something that I have needed in the past (and didn't know about its existence) and will probably need again in the future.

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    Karsten Merker — Re: orion5x housekeeping
    As a personal note: I am happy for everybody who uses d-i to install
    a proper Debian instead of using a pre-made installation in the form
    of an SD-card image that some unknown entitiy on the internet has
    uploaded to some share-hoster, which is unfortunately rather common
    in the armhf world and which is a security nightmare.

    Just your periodic reminder that SD-card images from random sources are evil, from the middle of a mostly unrelated developement thread.

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  • bubbros is evil

    2015-12-28T21:29:23Z via social.gl-como.it To: Public

    Bub & Bob Brothers

    This is a new striking n-multiplayer crazy clone of the famous Bubble Bobble game!!!

    My wrist is hurting a bit because of this

    screenshot from http://screenshots.debian.net

    So... @Gruppo Linux Como, when are we playing it?

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    Much faster incremental apt updates
    APT's performance in applying the Pdiffs files, which are the diff format used for Packages, Sources, and other files in the archive has been slow. Improving performance for uncompressed files The ...

    this. was. badly. needed.


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    A referendum on GPL enforcement [LWN.net]
    Some companies, though, seem to feel that the terms of the GPL do not apply to them, presenting the copyright holder with two alternatives: find a way to get those companies to change their behavior, or allow the terms of the license to be flouted. In recent times, little effort has gone into the first option; depending on the results of an ongoing fundraising campaign, that effort may drop to nearly zero. We would appear to be at a decision point with regard to how (and whether) we would like to see GPL enforcement done within our community.

    Have you already donated to Conservancy's fundraising?

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  • 2015-12-16T18:27:39Z via social.gl-como.it To: Public

    Online regex tester and debugger: JavaScript, Python, PHP, and PCRE
    Online regex tester, debugger with highlighting for PHP, PCRE, Python and JavaScript.

    (from @Diego Roversi )