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    Quick start using Blender for video editing | DanielPocock.com
    Although it is mostly known for animation, Blender includes a non-linear video editing system that is available in all the current stable versions of Debian, Ubuntu and Fedora. Here are some screenshots showing how to start editing a video of a talk from a conference. In this case, there are two input files: Launch Blender and choose the video sequ...
  • Free Software on Free Hardware

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    I've posted a new article on my website:
    Free Software on Free Hardware
    In may 2015 I gave a talk at the DUCC-IT on Open Source Hardware that is able to run not just a fully Free Software stack, but one based on an official Debian release. This article touches most of the points of that talk.

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    It is unfortunate that "Open Source Hardware" tends to require proprietary software like Eagle: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EAGLE_(program)
    (For example,  A20-OLinuXino-MICRO).

    Now, we are having good Free Software tools like KiCAD, I think that Free Software Movement people should encourage and support free hardware design with free software.

    Yutaka Niibe at 2015-05-26T02:42:05Z

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    Serata su Systemd
    Systemd è arrivato, è tra noi e tra noi resterà (almeno per un po’): apprezzato e criticato, di sicuro non ignorato.”

    Condividiamo i saperi e prepariamo l’artiglieria pesante. Riusciremo, finalmente, a farci un’idea precisa dell’impatto di questo cambiamento epocale?

    Accorrete numerosi, sistemisti GNU/Linux e casalinghe di Breccia!
    E’ gradita la presenza di tutti, sostenitori e detrattori.

    Relatore: Christopher R. Gabriel

    Giovedì 11 giugno 2015, ore 21.20

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    MeshCon Berlin 2014 - Fashion and Technology Event
    The benefits of participatory production in the textile industry. Software developers, hardware makers, fashion designers, pattern creators, knitters, and textile manipulators exchange ideas for fair personalized fashion and future technologies of production.

    @Paola Galattica
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    About the supposed factoring of a 4096 bit RSA key
    tl;dr News about a broken 4096 bit RSA key are not true. It is just a faulty copy of a valid key. Earlier today a blog post claiming the factoring of a 4096 bit RSA key was published and quickly made it to the top of Hacker News.
  • Pubblicato il programma DUCC-IT

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    Programma - Edizione 2015 - DUCC-IT
    La DUCC-IT è divisa in due sessioni:
    Una dedicata al pubblico e destinata a talk divulgativi e promozionali, che si tiene sabato pomeriggio
    Una dedicata alle discussioni interne della comunità (ma comunque aperta al pubblico), che si tiene sabato mattina

    @Debian @Gruppo Linux Como @LIFO
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    Bruce Sterling's introduction to the Italian edition of Little Brother
    Italy's Multiplayer Edizioni just launched a beautiful new Italian edition of Little Brother with an introduction by Bruce Sterling. It's the second essay that Bruce has written for one of my books, and it's my favorite - I was so pleased with it that I asked his permission to reproduce it here, which he's graciously granted.

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    Python without an operating system
    Josh Triplett started out with "the punchline" for his PyCon 2015 talk on porting Python to run without an operating system: he and his Intel colleagues got the interpreter to run in the GRUB boot loader for either BIOS or EFI systems. But that didn't spoil the rest of the talk by any means.

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    DiscFerret - DiscFerret
    DiscFerret is a combination of hardware and software that allows a standard desktop computer to read, analyse and decode the data on almost any floppy disc, and most MFM and RLL hard disc drives.
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    httpredir.debian.org, your mirrors redirector
    Hi, The Debian mirrors redirector, http.debian.net, is now hosted on debian.org infrastructure under the name of httpredir.debian.org. The service allows many of the nearly 400 Debian mirrors to be made available via a single address, adapting to your network location, IP family connectivity, and service availability. [...]

    Your Debian jessie one-liner:

    deb http://httpredir.debian.org/debian jessie main

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    Sulla via del DUCC-IT: aperte le iscrizioni! - DUCC-IT
    Da questo weekend sono aperte le iscrizioni al DUCC-IT 2015 di Milano. L'iscrizione permette all'organizzazione di gestire l'evento al meglio, modulando l'offerta sulla base dell'effettiva partecipazione alla manifestazione. Inoltre, per ragioni di sicurezza, chi ospita il DUCC-IT ha bisogno dell'elenco dei partecipanti. Per chi volesse evitare di iscriversi usando Eventbrite, sarà possibile iscriversi direttamente all'ingresso la mattina dell'evento.

    Segnaliamo che, per ragioni legali, è necessario registrare in anticipo i nomi dei minorenni che...

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    DRM: Disabling the disabled
    This is a guest post by Storm Dragon and Kyle (co-writer), two blind anti-DRM (Digital Restrictions Management) activists. It focuses on the problems facing blind readers in the US, but much of it is applicable to other countries as well. DRM affects almost everyone on a daily basis, but in the blind community it is a problem of epic proportions.
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    NeuG, a True Random Number Generator Implementation
    NeuG is an implementatio of True Random Number Generator, based on the sampling noise of ADCs (A/D converters).

    It runs on STM32F103, and it outputs random bits at the rate of more than 80 kB/sec (kB = 1000-byte). The interface is USB, and it behaves as a device of communication device class. In GNU/Linux, it runs as /dev/ttyACM0. Note that tty discipline settings should be "raw".

    It is a true RNG, with SHA-256 conditioning component.

    @Gruppo Linux Como @LIFO
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    CLICK HERE to support ZeMarmot, Libre Movie made with Free Software
    Animation film about a Marmot wandering the world, under CC BY-SA and fully made with Free Software.

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  • DUCC-IT Deadlines

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    DUCC-IT, Debian Ubuntu Community Conference Italia is a meeting for the italian FLOSS communities, expecially (but not exclusively) those involved with Debian and Ubuntu. This year it will be in Milan, on 2015-05-23 and 2015-05-24.

    Partecipation is free and does not require registration, but there are a few relevant deadlines.

    The call for paper is still open until 2015-05-03.

    The restaurants and prices for social means haven't been fixed yet, but they will be in the near future, and registering for them needs to be done on doodle before 2015-05-05.

    T-shirts are being printed, but only in a limited number, and they also require registration before 2015-05-03.

    The organizers also recommend to reserve your accomodations soon: prices in Milan are usually higher than in the rest of the country, and they are bound to raise because of the expo. A list of recommended hotels will be provided in the next few days.
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    Get your loved ones off Facebook.
    I've been a big Facebook supporter - one of the first users in my social group who championed what a great way it was to stay in touch, way back in 2006. I got my mum and brothers on it, and around 20 other people.
  • Leap second on 31 march

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    A couple of days ago this appeared in my system logs

    Mar 31 23:59:59 kernel: Clock: inserting leap second 23:59:60 UTC

    my first reaction of course was "great! they gave us one second more of sleep! MY PRECIOUSSSS", but then I realized that yes, this year there was supposed to be a leap second, but it should have been in June, not in March.

    Other people I know noticed the message, but nobody knew anything else about it, and duckduckgoing didn't find anything, so I'm asking the lazyweb: does anybody know what happened?
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    I thought the leap seconds were coordinated through ntp services. What ntp servers are you using?

    Charles Stanhope at 2015-04-03T14:29:18Z

    The ones in the debian pool: debian.pool.ntp.org

    Elena ``of Valhalla'' at 2015-04-03T14:34:57Z

    I've checked all the boxes I have access to (Ubuntu and Fedora), and I don't see any evidence of a leap second reported. It looks like there have been subtle bugs over time with both leap second announcements and local handling of leap seconds (depending on the source). If you find out what happened, I'd be interested to hear.

    Charles Stanhope at 2015-04-03T16:20:10Z

    Update: it seems that this has been traced to a single layer1 ntp server.

    Elena ``of Valhalla'' at 2015-04-04T07:14:58Z

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    systemd for the uninformed
    One of the lead developers wrote an article series called systemd for administrators. The goal of which is to explain how useful systemd is for system administrators, but the systemd project has widened in scope since then, and the full scope of what systemd provides is not common knowledge.

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    Jessie Release Date: 2015-04-25
    We now have a target release date of Saturday the 25th of April. We have checked with core teams, and this seems to be acceptable for everyone. This means we are able to begin the final preparations for a release of Debian 8 - "Jessie".
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    IAU), the New Horizons team plans to assign names to the features on the maps of Pluto and its large moon Charon, once we have seen them in sharp detail this summer. At this site, you can suggest your ideas for names and vote for your favorites.

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