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    If You Want Software Freedom on Phones, You Should Work on Firefox OS, Custom Hardware and Web App Self-Hostablility
    To achieve full-stack Software Freedom on mobile phones, I think it makes sense to

    * Focus on Firefox OS, which is already Free Software above the driver layer, instead of focusing on removing proprietary stuff from Android whose functionality is increasingly moving into proprietary components including Google Play Services.
    * Commission custom hardware whose components have been chosen such that the foremost goal is achieving Software Freedom on the driver layer.
    * Develop self-hostable Free Software Web apps for the on-phone software to connect to and a system that makes installing them on a home server as easy as installing desktop or mobile apps and connecting the home server to the Internet as easy as connecting a desktop.
    @valhalla@identi.ca also look at mer which is a base for sailfish and a plans active build.

    Diane Trout at 2015-03-02T20:30:53Z

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    Question about build box hardware
    I'm investigating doing an armhf port of a Debian derivative (gNewSense) and am looking at hardwark for the build infrastructure. What specs has Debian found to be most important here? Is having lots (4GB?) of RAM crucial, or should I mostly go for lots of cores/clock and go with less (1GB?) RAM?

    An interesting thread on the build infrastructure used by Debian for its arm ports.

    @Gruppo Linux Como @LIFO

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  • FOSDEM videos are coming!

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    Index of /2015

    Some of the folders are getting full!

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    Been waiting for these! Though, haven't watched all the CCC ones from Xmas yet...

    SombreKnave at 2015-02-26T18:46:41Z

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    The truth about Purism: Why Librem is not the same as libre
    Purism Librem is an interesting project which promises to produce a completely libre laptop, designed to respect the user's privacy and the user's rights. The indivduals behind the project seem so confident as to "promise that a Purism system and all its components will be free according to the strictest of guidelines set forth by the Free Software Foundation’s Free Software Definition.” Can they deliver on this bold claim?
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    Organization for Transformative Works
    We at the OTW talk a lot about how fanworks are legal under U.S. copyright law. [...] But what does “fair use” actually mean, and why does the OTW believe that fanworks are fair use?

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    good problem to adress for us too in the Civil Right system of law of Author Rights, that actually does not recognise "fair use" per se but authorise some sort of citation... At this time here in Belgium, (one of the) the ministery of culture is considering the question in her last big public adress, recognising the importance of the transformative culture... Interesting times ;)


    olm-e at 2015-02-25T09:41:04Z

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    The Mac Facilitates Spying Too
    I've been sitting on this information for some time, waiting to get more research done before I publish a post. But since word has come out about how Lenovo preloads what amounts to very bad spyware on their PCs, I thought I should also just go right ahead to spill the beans on the Mac.
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    Dear Lenovo, it's not me, it's you.
    Unless Lenovo can show some sign of understanding the gravity of this mistake, and undertake not to repeat it, then I'm afraid you will be joining Sony on my list of vendors I used to consider buying from. Sure, it's only a gross income loss of $500 a year or so, if you assume I'm alone in this reaction. I don't think I'm alone in being disgusted and angered by this incident.
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    Quiz: Are You At Risk of Becoming a Terrorist? · Global Voices
    This week The Intercept revealed a rating system that the US government encourages social workers, teachers and law enforcement workers to use to detect potential terrorists. The ranking system is "supposed to alert US government officials to individuals at risk of turning to radical violence, and to families or communities at risk of incubating extremist ideologies." [...] While reading the document at Global Voices, we couldn't help but laugh out loud because of the reductive approach of the survey. We decided to make our own quiz based on the simplistic assumptions the National Counterterrorism Center made, in its ranking system.

    Find out if you are a terrorist, too!

    Result: Guantánamo inmate

    Hm, I think this means that I never can make any new action of terror .

    mnd at 2015-02-20T13:44:01Z

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    Pensieri sull'Internet delle Cose | Il Disinformatico
    “Io non voglio l'Internet delle Cose. Voglio l'Internet delle Cose che si Fanno i Cazzi Loro” — anonimo.
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    Why I Don't Hate Git: Hidden Consistency
    Git for me is an interesting topic. I used it initially when git had no UI and cogito was still a thing. I can't say I enjoyed using it much. At the time I did all my development tasks with SVN and the world was good. A little while later I played around with mercurial and instantly fell in love. I held onto mercurial for a long time and defended it vigorously. Only in 2008 did I finally start to use git and it took me multiple attempts until I was convinced that I should migrate my repositories from mercurial to git.

    It seems like this might be summarized as: "I like git because I followed its development and taken the time to understand its implementation." :)

    Actually, when he first started using git, it looks like he had to understand its implementation.

    Charles Stanhope at 2015-02-18T14:05:51Z

    It's a nice article about the history of Git. The author doesn't explain why he migrated from Mercurial to Git, though.

    Since I currently use both, I'd be curious to have that ironed out. (Although everything I do is pretty simple, so they both work about the same to me.)

    Douglas Perkins at 2015-02-18T14:20:34Z

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    Routing on OpenStreetMap.org
    Good news for OpenStreetMap: the main website now has A-to-B routing (directions) built in to the homepage! This will be huge for the OSM project.

    Yeah \o/

    vedi a schermo intero

    [See more]

    #osm #OpenStreetMap #map

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    The Vicious Circle of Documentation
    Why are there so many more undocumented systems than documented ones out there, and how can we cause more well-documented systems to exist? The answer isn’t “people are lazy”, and the solution is simple – though not easy.
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    I'm not a fan. If the problem that Docker tries to fix is "making software run on all platforms is hard", then Docker's "solution" is "I give up, it's not possible". That's sad.
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    Will you be my cryptovalentine?
    Valentine's day is this Saturday and, if you're like us, you're either trying to pick the right gift or wishing you had someone to exchange gifts with. We wish you luck with that. But there's something important that you can do regardless of your relationship status: Ask someone you like -- romantically or otherwise -- to be your cryptovalentine.

    I don't really celebrate Valentine, but sending an encrypted mail or two is always a good idea!

    @LIFO @Gruppo Linux Como #trivialcrypto
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    Anche quest'anno si terrà la DUCC-IT, Debian Ubuntu Community Conference Italia: quarta edizione che si terrà a Milano Lambrate sabato 23 e domenica 24 maggio presso il TIM WCAP Accelerator di via Rombon 52.

    È aperta la call for paper e chi vuole aiutare nell'organizzazione è il benvenuto, ma soprattutto partecipate: è un'ottima occasione per incontrare un po' tutto il mondo del Software Libero in Italia.

    Tutte le info sul sito ufficiale: http://ducc.it/

    @Debian @LIFO @Gruppo Linux Como

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    Childhood ownership status: grim
    While looking through some Google+ posts I came across an article where Marvel apparently told some exercise place they couldn't name their exercises after comic book characters. And then I hearkened back to a realization that I realized when the Star Wars license was acquired by Disney: My entire childhood is owned by a handful of companies.
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    Stop Blowhard Syndrome
    Understanding my limits and being willing to acknowledge them is, in fact, one of my strengths. I don’t think it should be pathologized alongside the very real problem of “impostor syndrome”.

    In fact, it is the opposite behavior—the belief that you can do anything, including things you are blatantly not qualified for or straight up lying about—should be pathologized.

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    Saint Ada, goddess of programming

    During the saturday dinner at #FOSDEM I was chatting with a friend and letting him know that historically programming started as a woman's job, not just with Lady Ada Lovelace, but also the ENIAC Ladies.

    During the conversation, I mentioned "programming" (abstract concept), but it was misheard as "Programming" (personification of said abstract concept); according to a number of theology treatises by Sir Terry Pratchett¹ this meant that such personification either started to exist or at least gained self-consciousness in that instant.

    In Her graciousness, She let us know² that she wouldn't mind being called Saint Ada, goddess of programming, and that she can be represented carrying a mug of caffeinated beverages, while she would prefear that her other typical expressions aren't emphasized much.

    ¹ such as Small Gods (1992) and Hogfather (1996).
    ² we were still eating and drinking our first beer that evening, so we didn't actually hear her, but I'm as sure of this as the average prophet can be³.
    ³ not very. This never stopped any of them.

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    Cena della comunità Ninux Lombardia
    La comunità lombarda di Ninux è lieta di invitarvi alla

    Cena Ninux Lombardia

    venerdì 20 febbraio alle 20:00 presso il Ristorante Masaniello
    A Pero (MI) in via XXV Aprile 5 (45.5095,9.09146)

    Tutti sono i benvenuti: ninuxiani ed aspiranti tali, lombardi e non,
    curiosi, coniugi e parenti da convincere a dare autorizzazione
    all'installazione di antenne (non garantiamo efficacia :) )
    e chiunque altro sia interessato a conoscerci.

    Per aderire, aggiungere il proprio nome o nickname (una riga per persona,
    selezionando il segno di spunta anziché la X) al sondaggio entro giovedì
    12 febbraio, in modo tale da permettere la prenotazione presso il ristorante.

    Se avete particolari esigenze (vegetariani, carrozzine, ecc.) scrivete
    pure in mailing list, e le comunicheremo al ristorante.

    @Gruppo Linux Como

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    [dns-operations] The Sichuan pepper attack: turning a DNS censorship system into a dDoS vector
    Now, it seems there is a change since many sites report being hit by
    HTTP traffic coming from China and carrying Host: for censored sites
    like www.facebook.com, turning every chinese citizen who wants to see
    Facebook (sometimes indirectly, e.g. through a Like button) into an
    involuntary accomplice of the dDoS attack.