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So is totally proprietary now. I had no idea. Today I got an email about a "new transifex live" feature that was so exciting it was apparently patent pending. I got this email because I'm a "member of the open source community", apparently. What a way to thank the FOSS community!

So, looking into it more, I didn't realize that Transifex is no longer free software (really weird quotes there, including GitHub being lauded as being an inspiration and a key example of how to do things right for FOSS).

@Mike Linksvayer tells me they recently picked up VC money... also, weird tasteless quotes. Hope you're having fun having your unicorn burps and awesome farts measured by patented technology, new employee?

Anyway, I guess as soon as we get the time, we're leaving.

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Show all 7 replies might want to consider weblate. It's free software and offers hosting for free software projects.

James McCoy at 2014-07-01T21:11:00Z

That sucks. What are our alternatives?

freedeb at 2014-07-01T21:49:59Z