David Chung

Transfer Number from VZW

David Chung at

I've encountered people wondering about this process so I figure I should share my experience. Fortunately, it didn't take a few days for me!

In general, porting your number from VZW is pretty straight-forward but here was my experience:

- Removed number protection 2 days from transfer request via account security settings on VZW.

- Generated trasnfer PIN 1 day before transfer request via account security settings on VZW.

- Initiated transfer request with new carrier and provided them with all the necessary info.

- Almost immediately, I receive an SMS from VZW that they have begun transferring.

- However, a few minutes later, the new carrier indicates that the transfer failed due to incorrect transfer PIN.

- Revisiting VZW, I find that they cleared my transfer PIN (!) so I generated a new transfer PIN.

- Asked new carrier to retry with new transfer PIN.

- 20 minutes later, I receive confirmation from my new carrier that my number transferred!

- Later that day, VZW disconnects my account.