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  • Pulling the Cord on the Bus

    2019-07-16T04:06:59Z via Impeller To: Public CC: Followers

    I just witnessed an angry woman pulling the cord of the bus and demanding the bus driver stop immediately. She became more and more irate as the bus continued its way to the next stop.

    When the bus stopped at the bus stop, this woman yells at the driver, "stop where you're supposed to stop" to which the driver responds with "this is the bus stop." The angry woman then proceeds to disembark calling the driver derogatory names.

    I guess this was her first time riding a bus ever. Perhaps she didn't understand that pulling the cord signals the driver to stop at the next stop. She should have considered riding a cab or use a driving service if she required to be dropped off at an exact spot.

    Also, anyone who resorts to name-calling in any context loses credibility as an adult. Such people need to mature a bit more despite their actual age. Sadly, older people can act like toddlers.

    Sadly, a typical human šŸ˜…

    JanKusanagi at 2019-07-16T13:40:02Z

  • Credit History

    2019-07-15T21:07:04Z via Identi.ca Web To: Public CC: Followers

    Yay! My American credit now has double-digits for age!

    I don't think that chart rendered correctly. I'm certainly not above perfect. Also, I didn't realise that a lot of Americans have poor credit scores...
  • High Surf Warning

    2019-07-15T03:07:05Z via Impeller To: Public CC: Followers

    Whoa, I never hear high surf warnings on national news.

    I regularly hear them on local public radio (HPR) but NPR's latest bulletin mentioned it seemingly out of nowhere!

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  • Arbitration Opt-Out Confirmation

    2019-07-10T20:46:35Z via Identi.ca Web To: Public CC: Followers

    I still send paper mail to opt-out of arbitration clauses.

    However, for the first time ever, a company actually responded with confirmation!

    Thanks, Chase Bank!

    Now I wonder if I correctly opted out of past agreements from other companies...

    In case anyone's wondering, I prefer to retain my rights, which is why I opt-out of these arbitration clauses.
  • Breezy Summer 2019

    2019-07-08T00:29:45Z via Impeller To: Public CC: Followers

    Turns out that growth from Breezy is a branch of the flower spike. Yes, Breezy is extending its flowering throughout the summer!

    I remember Breezy holding on to its initial flower spike and kept extending it. I think it just has a longer reproductive season than my other orchids, who already killed off their flowers.

  • Royal Hawaiian Departures

    2019-07-07T04:59:01Z via Impeller To: Public CC: Followers

    The latest Departures magazine cover is of the Royal Hawaiian pool with Waikiki in the background.

    The hotel is pretty iconic with its pink facade and so the magazine cover font was also in pink!

    I normally glaze through these magazines but this time I had to check their Waikiki article to see what they wrote about it and to see if I accidentally walked in front their photographer.

    I always wondered how many photographs have me in the background as I wander around Waikiki.

    You might be famous!

    Be careful, you could end up becoming a meme šŸ¤£

    JanKusanagi at 2019-07-07T14:45:13Z

  • Dark Recovery

    2019-07-05T09:23:04Z via Impeller To: Public CC: Followers

    It's been about a week since I caught up with Dark and I'm *still* pondering about it!

    My mind was so wounded from being blown so many times throughout this series that it's taking a while to recover.

    The only other TV series that did this to me was Twin Peaks.

  • American Measurements

    2019-07-04T10:49:48Z via Impeller To: Public CC: Followers

    I have become acclimated with most American measurements but there is still one thing I can't wrap my head around: distances.

    I can now imagine a yard thanks to seeing the gridiron markings in American football but I still can't picture a mile or furlong in my head!

    The way I have it worked out is: there are 8 furlongs in a mile, 220 yards in a furlong, and 100 yards in an American football playfield. So take 2 and 1/5 playfields to get a furlong, then add 8 of those to get a mile. Nope! Still can't picture it!

    I can easily imagine a kilometre, which is 10 100-metre dashes.

    I think what's missing in my mind is me experiencing a furlong. Once I have such a reference, I can just imagine 8 of those to get that mile.

  • Independence Day

    2019-07-04T10:30:20Z via Impeller To: Public CC: Followers

    Happy Independence Day!

    Hope my neighbours let me sleep tonight...

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    Happy aliens-blow-up-the-whitehouse day! šŸ˜†

    JanKusanagi at 2019-07-04T13:48:47Z

    Happy Independence day!

    nukem at 2019-07-04T17:33:03Z

  • SiriusXM + Pandora

    2019-07-02T20:30:26Z via Impeller To: Public CC: Followers


    The latest player update finally integrates the two services. Now I can finally go back to listening to chamber music! SiriusXM had a service where one could tweak the playlist (like Pandora) but dropped it I guess in favour for actual Pandora!

  • Canada Day

    2019-07-01T10:13:14Z via Impeller To: Public CC: Followers

    Happy Canada Day!

  • Hawaiian Repair Centre

    2019-07-01T01:47:56Z via Impeller To: Public CC: Followers

    I purchased a suitcase that came with worry-free lifetime warranty and recently a zipper broke off.

    The manufacturer referred me to an official repair centre in Hawaii, which was someone's garage!

    He had a large dropbox and coordinated service via SMS. The turnaround was a few hours!

    At first, I was a bit wary of the repair process but this may have been the fastest repair service I received, which is especially surprising for Hawaii!

  • USPS Lies

    2019-06-28T10:46:01Z via Impeller To: Public CC: Followers

    USPS reported my parcel as delivered yet they left behind a failed delivery notice.

    I can't request a redelivery since I assume the system thinks it's delivered.

    I hope my parcel doesn't get lost in the system...

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  • Dark

    2019-06-27T05:40:09Z via Impeller To: Public CC: Followers

    I was glad to find that Netflix recently released season 2 for Dark! Looking forward to going through this season.

    I recall staff (could've been Alex himself) describing Gravity Falls as Twin Peaks meets The Simpsons. However, I think Dark is more like this! It has a small town with a mysterious cave in the woods and a nuclear power plant! Even the cover reminds me of the Owl Cave symbol: https://dark.netflix.io/

    It just needs a jazzy soundtrack...

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  • Good Omens Cold Opens

    2019-06-23T08:27:57Z via Impeller To: Public CC: Followers

    I usually like to see the next episode's cold opening before ending my viewing session at the title.

    However, Good Omens' cold opens have varying lengths. One was as long as half the episode!

    Got hooked on the show so I'll see it through eventually.

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    But there are just 6 episodes ATM, right? šŸ˜

    JanKusanagi at 2019-06-23T13:15:00Z

  • Charlie's Scent

    2019-06-16T10:29:56Z via Impeller To: Public CC: Followers

    Charlie finally decided to start killing off its flowers. However, I noticed it started smelling like myrrh.

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    Charlie, you murderer!! šŸ˜­

    JanKusanagi at 2019-06-16T15:06:19Z

  • NBA Finals 2019

    2019-06-14T03:51:57Z via Impeller To: Public CC: Followers

    Congratulations, Toronto Raptors!

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  • Dynamite Dance

    2019-06-13T10:31:22Z via Impeller To: Public CC: Followers


    Wow! I haven't seen so much motion in a long time! Very excited about this!

    It gives me hope that the Animaniacs Reboot will be well-animated.

    Could this be a revival of motion-rich animation?!

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  • Screen Removal

    2019-06-13T03:28:31Z via Impeller To: Public CC: Followers

    So I learned the hard way that to remove a device screen (to change an integrated battery), you need to run your flat tool along the back of the screen to lift it from the adhesives. You should hear the screen detach itself from the adhesives.

    I spent hours slashing away and grinding down my flat tool like an idiot as I ran the tool directly down...

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  • Black Mirror Season 5 Quick Thoughts

    2019-06-06T00:27:58Z via Impeller To: Public CC: Followers

    Just some of my quick thoughts on this season.

    Striking Vipers: As the friends were doing unholy things to the game, I had impure thoughts of the polar bear in that game's roster and sure enough it came into play!

    Smithereens: My favourite of this batch and it even explicitly states the year 2018 so it's certainly present day social commentary!
    Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too: It had an intriguing character setup but then steered in a different direction at such great speed.