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@mlinksva I'm actively using Known, and considering taking my very moribund s9y-based blog and moving the whole thing over to Known, as it supports long-form as well as short status updates. A lot of what you see currently is me using Known as a way to post to Twitter, because many of my peeps are there (especially at conferences), but the content is syndicated from my Known instance to Twitter.

Pros: it supports posting from Firefox on Android (something I still can't do with identi.ca, alas; had to open up my laptop to respond to you!). It has some smarts when interacting with Twitter (for example, automatically filling in @ nicks when you paste in the Twitter URL to which you're replying).

I like that the code is relatively easy to jump into; haven't made any really significant contributions yet, but I'm hoping to integrate RDFa + schema.org on top of the existing microformats.

Cons: not yet seeing much (anything) in the way of a loosely coupled social network developing. But that could just be because it's early days and there aren't many people interested in conversing with a linked-data-oriented librarian :)

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