buddycloud webclient hacker and cocreator of codetube generally interested in any real-time stuff


  • Jessica Tallon

    Stockholm, Sverige

    Free software developer

  • drahcir9

  • Julien Genestoux

  • Jeffry Byron

    Oakland, United States

    I am the owner of a company called PLUMBING SPECIALISTS. Located in Oakland, CA we provide residential and commercial plumbing services.

  • Dr. Azrael Tod


    ja.. ein Idiot, Troll und Nerd halt...

  • Pook

    Banglumpoo, Thailand

    น้ำจิ้ม ที่ดีที่สุดมากมายหลากหลายแบบรวบรวมไว้ในสุดยอดที่แห่งนี้

  • Neustradamus


  • Moshe Njema

    Nairobi, Kenya

    Kenyan High Commissioner to the Internet


    Brisbane, Australia

    Yet another GNU/Linux guy. Haiku OS fan, KDE user and accidential web developer.

  • Christopher Allan Webber

    Madison, United States

    GNU MediaGoblin founder, former Creative Commons software engineer, python hacker, free software enthusiast, maker of weird drawings See: (Any pronouns are okay.)

  • owncloud

    web services under your control

  • sofias. pink

    i like sugar, green things and designing systems. i think following orders, acting normal and being natural is quite a waste of time.

  • Unhosted

    Non-profit movement to liberate people through separation of web apps from data storage.

  • buddycloud channels

    Your open federated network

  • eri!

  • martl

    Not describable in 140 chars

  • Bembel ::BK::


    Blick über den Bembelrand :: Spinnen, das sonderbare Dasein der Humanoiden und der übliche Rest

  • Jan Dittberner

    Dresden, Germany

    Software Architect from Dresden, Germany - Free Software advocate and Debian Developer

  • jekyll

    Berlin, Germany

  • Hendrik

    Dresden, Germany