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To people running their own pump.io out there, I have a question about server load.  I rent web space from #Dreamhost and am thinking of setting up a server there.  So I was wondering, how many resources should I expect the thing to require?

Here are some of my restrictions.  Thoughts?

* Just one user.  OK, maybe two or three, but not fifty or five hundred.
* That user might follow many others on other servers.
* Ideally others elsewhere will follow that user.
* No background processes allowed.  (Can I even run pump.io without a daemon?)
* Cron is OK.
* MySQL is OK.
there is people like me running it over a notebook. @jpope run it with an eepc.. server load isnt a problem i think

ezeq at 2013-07-12T02:35:12Z

@tioEze Thanks! Good to hear it's light weight. :-)

dper@identi.ca at 2013-07-12T04:36:42Z