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If I comment on someone else's post, how public is my comment? How can others find it?  (I would prefer my comment be as public as possible and that it show up on my page.)

If I share someone else's post, how public is my share?  Is it only shared to my followers?  I think that's probably OK, right?  Here, as before, I want my stuff to be as public as possible.
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Many thanks for the question and detailed answer. Do you mind if I make this into a FAQ as I am sure a lot of people will wonder precisely how this works.

Andy C at 2013-07-15T07:58:39Z

Please don't share this information publicly!

Dvd Mrsdn at 2013-07-15T08:08:42Z

Anything you like. :-)

dper@identi.ca at 2013-07-15T08:11:24Z

Re: "If the post was too a limited audience, only the original author will be able to see your comment." Shouldn't that be "only the original audience"? Because other people who can see the post can see the comment. Since it's now in AndyC's FAQ ...

John Patterson at 2013-07-15T08:47:48Z