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San Francisco, United States

Defending your civil liberties in a digital world! Follow us to stay at the forefront of tech policy issues.


  • Benedikt Wi benediktwi@identi.ca

    Essen, Germany

  • Willy Lee wombatzus@identi.ca

  • driftingcoder driftingcoder@datamost.com

  • clacke@libranet.de ❌ clacke@datamost.com

    Sweden or Hong Kong

    Saving the world by solving first-world problems. My main is at https://libranet.de/profile/clacke .

  • mteu mteu@fmrl.me

  • Coffeeframe Coffeeframe@pumpyourself.com

    FOSS Enthusiast and Networking/Systems Administration student

  • G. S. Franklin, MBA, AdeC gsf@datamost.com

    Kirksville, MO

    I am the Data Manager for A T Still Research Institute at A. T. Still University. I work primarily as a knowledge wrangler, and sometimes as a Data Engineer, researching ways to provide better access to data and knowledge for investigators.

  • Tents for Cold Weather Camping OutdoorsCafeMag@fmrl.me

    United States of America

    Outdoor games and sports have a great role to play in our lives. Outdoors Café Magazine lets you know about Skydiving, Paragliding Destinations, Kite surfing Destinations, Best Bungee Jumping Locations, Places to Stay near Grand Canyon etc.

  • pigeons pigeons@fmrl.me

  • noffle noffle@microca.st

  • Alexandros alexispapy@pumpit.info

  • Fernando dos Santos ferox@identi.ca

    Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil

    Hacker. Open Source Specialist. Fedora Ambassador.

  • BrenkoWeb brenkoweb@pumprock.net


    The Brenkoweb provides the excellent online programming tutorial for the programmer in various languages like as PHP, SQL, HTML, ASP, Javascript, Xml, etc.

  • rsan rsan@microca.st

  • formirthonly formirthonly@pumpyourself.com

  • gledof gledof@microca.st

    GNU/Linux - Trisquel - Mint - XFCE -//- El ultimo en salir que apague la luz. //- Otras cuentas: -gledof@pumprock.net / @hotpump.net / @pumpdog.me

  • ktorn ktorn@pumpity.net

  • gledof gledof@hotpump.net


    Estoy de acuerdo con Sófocles: la mayor suerte es no haber nacido -, pero, como la broma sigue, muy pocas personas tienen éxito en ella. S.Z. Otras cuentas: gledof@pumpdog.me / @microca.st / @pumprock.net

  • BjH BjH@microca.st

  • Michael michaelmd@identi.ca

    Sydney, Australia