Alexandre Enkerli

Montreal, Canada

French-speaking ethnographer, beer homebrewer, coffee homeroaster, saxophone player. (aka @iethnographer)



    Paris, France

    Depuis 1996, l'April est un acteur majeur de la promotion et de la défense du Logiciel Libre

  • Pierrot Péladeau

    Researcher and consultant in interpersonal information systems - Chercheur et conseil en systèmes d'information interpersonnels

  • Brian van den Broek

    Montreal, Canada

    All claims in my bio are false.

  • MarkDilley

    Wiki Organizer and Self Organized Union Lover

  • Bayle Shanks

    San Diego, United States

    Interested in neuro (esp. neural coding), A.I. (esp. commonsense), collaborative software (esp wiki, reputation systems).

  • Michele Ann Jenkins

    Montreal, Canada

    Sort-of-stay-at-home-mom with a dark past in info sci, sci fi, and sighing.

  • sthibault

  • Alexandre Enkerli

    Montreal, Canada

    An informal ethnographer with a formal background in ethnographic disciplines (aka @Enkerli)

  • Jason Riedy

    East Point, United States

    Researcher in social network analysis / numerical methods / parallel computing. Terminally distracted.

  • Scott Elcomb

    FOSS Developer / Advocate and Pirate Party of Canada Member

  • Marc Lijour

    Toronto, Canada

    Education Officer (Ontario Ministry of Education) interesting in e-learning, academic research, open source and all kind of great software.

  • Samuel Sirois

    Programmeur-analyste, spécialisé en développement d'applications Internet et en accessibilité du Web.

  • Nicolas

  • tycho/sam

    New York, United States

    Writer. Cultural Futurist. Technological Historian. Hacker.

  • Kahlil Johnson

    Cancún, Mexico

    Apache OpenOffice Spanish, BizDev, Education, MarCon

  • Brian Hendrickson

    Portland, United States

    dad, tennis nut, mobile engineer @GunDogLabs - co-founder @nozzl, passed W3C Social Web Acid Test @structalapp @hashtraffic

  • Reg Saddler

    Denver, United States

    Just a guy who loves Social Media and Tech. Want to know what our company does: The 1st Rule of Fightclub: you don't talk about Fightclub

  • Deceased. Please use ''.

    Now resident at PumpDog

    Deceased. Please use ''.

  • Tim Church

    Eastbourne, United Kingdom

    Going nowhere, but enjoying the journey.