Freemor at As much as possible I do run my own servers (SMTP,IMAP,XMPP,murmur,davical,etc) I also use Bit message for what it is worth. None of my life is on the 'Major players' servers (with the exception of and freenode). Once I get off my butt and get a 'let's encrypt' cert. I'll probably look at running my own pump. Having a webfinger is an appealing thought.

I could not do this in the world imagined by Moxie and the 'major players'. I grew up on the federated Internet (irc,uucp,nntp,smtp,xmpp,etc) and have watched with dismay as things like hotmail/gmail and other centralized things have messed it all up. I'm not saying federation is perfect but it is much more robust then centralized services (to things like government linking etc). A short while ago (before all this began) I wrote a blog entry talking about the three models central,federated,P2P and pointed out that they all have their strengths and weaknesses. And pointed out that the most important consideration is right tool for the right job.

I would never say all things must be federated... That's just silly. But some things work better federated just as some things work better P2P, and others centralized.

If Moxie believes central is the best tool for what he is making I won't argue.. But to say that federation is bad/useless/dead/unworkable is just plain incorrect. It may not fit for what he wants, fine. But don't blame the drill because it makes a poor hammer. Just use the right tool for the job and move on.

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