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I'm with @Nathan Willis on this one. Broadcast can have many meanings.. but we are talking about the term "Radio", which is fairly strictly defined as sending waves of EMF through the atmosphere (aka radio waves) to a remote receiver.

Calling a streaming station "Radio" (unless it is a webstream from an IRL radio station) is indeed incorrect. If it were "radio" I'd be able to tune a reciever to the correct frequency and walk all over the place and listen to it... without incuring mobile data charges.

Many cellphones include an FM radio reciever (software disables in many models because the carriers want you to rack up data charges).

So thats my point of view. VoIP is not POTS, a router is not a modem, a Desktop (computer) is not a Harddrive, and on and on. It's not nitpicking, imprecise language leads to imprecise thinking and communication.

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