Faisal Rehman

My non-stop consecutive 10 years of Experience as Faculty at Dept. of Civil Engineering, UETP Pakistan.

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Today I completed my 10 years of Experience. Following are the achievements that I consider my success:

1. Taught and Examined every batch of semester system (2004 to 2015). Took Viva in GIST, CECOS, Bannu Campus, and Technical College Peshawar.

2. Taught Programming, Communication, Project Planning, Mechanics of Materials, Survey, GIS, SAP2K, Foundation Engineering, Transportation Engineering II thoery and Lab officially while Environmental, RCD, Structural Analysis, Urban Planning, Irrigation Engineering, Etabs, SAFE, AutoCAD in private.

3. Supervised Projects on free BIM, Structural Analysis, Blast Load Analysis and Hybrid Testing.

4. Created software packages for symbian s60, android, web, desktop. Also created free social network, wordpress site, php packages, packages for AutoCad, excel, SAP2K, matlab, cluster, cloud, Matrix Analysis of Structures, GIS Mapping, Biaxial Column, Water Treatment Plant, Footing Optimization and algorithm translation.

5. Co Semester Coordinator for 05 years and full coordinator for 03 years.

6. Introduced GNU Debian Linux for Engineers, LibreOffice, LibrePlan, GnomePlanner and implemented on production projects.

7. Analyzed and Design specialized earthquake and blast resistant structures. Troubleshooted the first shaketable at EEC.

8. Introduced GNU Octave and Scilab as replacement of cracked matlab mathematica programming, QGIS as replace of cracked ArcGIS. Hence saved millions of spendings on software.

9. Introduced CalculiX for Civil Engineering application as multiphysics FE Package, FreeCAD and Blender for 3D and BIM. Hence enhancing capability of Department of Civil Engineering in field of computational engineering and design. Created online FE package on calculix and calculix 4 android. There are many packages with source code with me but they are in row. Hence I not only use technology but I also own it.

10. Working on hacking Civil Engineering Discipline by making its learning process easy. Created MOOC for QGIS training. Created Online Quiz Engine for Hacking Civil Engineering Tests.

Lets see what are surprises for next decade. :)