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  • Coffee Magic

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    When #coffee plays magic trick in bladder and intestine.  :3
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    I have started a new project: Civil ‪#‎engineering‬ ‪#‎quiz‬ engine. You can test it on:
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    غټ اختر یاداشت دی چه موږ ړا ته خوګ ده ړا سر الله په لاره ده الله رزا دپاره قربان کو
    ټولو مسلمانانو ته لوی اختر امبارکه شه او چه سبا اختر په چا تیر شي نو زړو نکريزو پشان دی په فیس بک دوال دی اوتپي
  • My non-stop consecutive 10 years of Experience as Faculty at Dept. of Civil Engineering, UETP Pakistan.

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    Today I completed my 10 years of Experience. Following are the achievements that I consider my success:

    1. Taught and Examined every batch of semester system (2004 to 2015). Took Viva in GIST, CECOS, Bannu Campus, and Technical College Peshawar.

    2. Taught Programming, Communication, Project Planning, Mechanics of Materials, Survey, GIS, SAP2K, Foundation Engineering, Transportation Engineering II thoery and Lab officially while Environmental, RCD, Structural Analysis, Urban Planning, Irrigation Engineering, Etabs, SAFE, AutoCAD in private.

    3. Supervised Projects on free BIM, Structural Analysis, Blast Load Analysis and Hybrid Testing.

    4. Created software packages for symbian s60, android, web, desktop. Also created free social network, wordpress site, php packages, packages for AutoCad, excel, SAP2K, matlab, cluster, cloud, Matrix Analysis of Structures, GIS Mapping, Biaxial Column, Water Treatment Plant, Footing Optimization and algorithm translation.

    5. Co Semester Coordinator for 05 years and full coordinator for 03 years.

    6. Introduced GNU Debian Linux for Engineers, LibreOffice, LibrePlan, GnomePlanner and implemented on production projects.

    7. Analyzed and Design specialized earthquake and blast resistant structures. Troubleshooted the first shaketable at EEC.

    8. Introduced GNU Octave and Scilab as replacement of cracked matlab mathematica programming, QGIS as replace of cracked ArcGIS. Hence saved millions of spendings on software.

    9. Introduced CalculiX for Civil Engineering application as multiphysics FE Package, FreeCAD and Blender for 3D and BIM. Hence enhancing capability of Department of Civil Engineering in field of computational engineering and design. Created online FE package on calculix and calculix 4 android. There are many packages with source code with me but they are in row. Hence I not only use technology but I also own it.

    10. Working on hacking Civil Engineering Discipline by making its learning process easy. Created MOOC for QGIS training. Created Online Quiz Engine for Hacking Civil Engineering Tests.

    Lets see what are surprises for next decade. :)
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    I have created #FB group for teamwork effort to speedup #Engineering #Analysis & #Design. Join in.  

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    Self-healing super #strong #material from teeth of squid. It heals itself by releasing protein under presence of water.
  • Remote Config of Accelerometer

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    I just configured a successful remote access to ‪#‎borehole‬ ‪#‎accelerometer‬. Its probably first in ‪#‎Pakistan‬
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    "#Science is what you know, #philosophy is what you don't know" (B. Russell) ... and #probability is what joins the two. by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
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    My Horrible Experience of Windows 10 upgrade.

    I have just upgraded from standalone windows 8.1 to windows 10 by using ms auto upgrade on lenovo G500 corei5 3rd gen 4GB RAM.

    1. I still face shutdown and booting issue. On my laptop, I had experienced blue screen error of death due to failure of power on/off driver. It persisted and annoyed me in windows 10 installation process.

    2. Installation process took 07 hours. It required manual interruption to restart again by power button press after every reboot during installation process due to above mentioned flaw in driver.

    3. After completion of installation, first I saw a message that please wait a while. Then I got message that it is taking longer than usual please wait.

    4. My desktop loaded as slow as that of windows 8.1. No significant or even minute improvement in loading desktop icons and speedy opening of apps after logging in.

    5. First thing I did was unpinning win appstore and then ms edge. Right click was not responsive and I achieved my objective after waiting 1/2 hour and getting my desktop responsive. 

    6. Start menu has improved than previous unresponsive metro. Still edge and some storeapp stuff were pinned there. So I had to unpin those.

    7. First app I loaded was chrome. It loaded slow as usual. I opened page of facebook but it crashed in flash plugin in continuous 03 tries. Whereas diasp.org opened fast on first try. The default chrome browser page didn't loaded completely.

    8. File explorer looks like custom gnome icon theme. Default view is shifted to recent files.

    9. I pressed the search button 10 times by now. Still hoping windows search will open and I will see something.

    10. In short windows 10 is same old crap ware. Nothing new just copied features of gnome desktop which we are familiar from years.

    11. It just gave me a psychological feeling of something new for few milliseconds just like that feel when you carwash and service and have feeling that your car got some new salient feature.

    12. BTW sidebar notification is too much slow and appears after centuries. 

    13. To my amusement, windows installed patched for dotNet framework 3.5 right after first restart which was supposed to be part of windows upgrade. 

    14. Webpage scroll from mousepad on chrome not working by default. 

    Verdict: Windows Team hasn't any clue how to install windows from internet on remote machines. They still push for old obsolete edge aka internet explorer and appstore which disturbed setting of my taskbar. They cooked nothing new still lost in old still old crapware. May be windows is defective by design. My rating for win10 is 0/10.

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    HBD to #gnu #debian - the most stable operating system found on this planet, covering virtually all architectures & community driven distro.

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    A great general, warrior & defender of Pakistan died. ( إِنَّا للهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ ). May Allah grant him highest place in jannah and grant us more defenders and minds to save our motherland from all enemies on all frontiers. Ameen suma Ameen.

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    Happy #Independence Day. #Pakistan
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    For longevity: Don’t waste your #time fooling around, don’t #eat too much and don’t run after #women.
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    You are so much more than just a sheep, aren’t you. Look at you. You are an adventurer.You are a lone wolf. --first cycle. #cosmoslaundromat

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    I serviced my split ac filters, removed 0.5cm thick dust and now its cooling more at 25°C then of previous 16°C. #diy

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    A little maintenance can go a long way =)

    JanKusanagi @identi.ca at 2015-08-08T08:57:12Z

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    Just created #moon phase #calculator: http://enggprog.com/projects/moon/Solaris/mooncalc.php
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    Large deflection of cantilever beam-column due to lateral load.
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    I am thankful to Karl von Terzaghi for making engineers to believe in soil tests and finding the easy way to turn soil into money.
  • Secret of Success

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    The #secret to #success is to start from scratch and keep on scratching. - Dennis Green