Functional Jobs

Longwood, United States

Dream jobs for functional programmers – Erlang, OCaml, Haskell, Scheme, F#, Lisp, and more!


  • Visar Zejnullahu

    Skopje, Macedonia

  • Daniel E. Renfer

    Garden City, MI

    Duck's just this guy, you know?

  • Thomas Koch

    Thomas Koch, Software Developer, Better world activist

  • Oliver Dunkl

    Vienna, Austria

    programming, emacs, org-mode, haskell, functional programming

  • xtrakt

    Chief Nkalakata, Zimbabwe

    Brother, can you spare your mind?

  • Ricardo Lanziano


  • Michele Bini

    Jesi, Italy

  • Finn

    Manchester, United States

  • Michael Paulukonis

    Durham Center, United States

    thinks markov chains = "pretty cool"; drinks too much coffee; fascinated by "hello, world!"; throws wikis at problems to watch them go away

  • Thad Meyer

    Merna, United States

    Just another GNU/Linux hacker.

  • tsiou

    Athens, Greece

    Ph.D. student @ Softlab, NTUA. functional programming ninja, ErLLVM developer, free software advocate, restless mind

  • luma

    ni faru novan mondon!

  • Michel Alexandre Salim

    Jakarta, Indonesia

    Fedora contributor, FLOSS developer, programming paradigm aficionado, privacy advocate, researcher

  • Byron Gibson

  • Alex Covic

    IT-Duder, 30+ years of silently monitoring the packets...

  • Martin Spasovski

    Skopje, Macedonia

    The great thing in this world is not so much where you stand, as in what direction you are moving. | student @ |

  • rozzin

    New Hampshire, USA

    rozzin has moved. This account has been superceded by

  • Vasco Dias

    Lisbon, Portugal

    Random dents about free software, anime and manga.

  • Hezy Amiel

    Ruẖama, Israel

    A physics teacher and a science fan. User of free software, student of interesting things.

  • Adrian Heine


    no meat no drugs not leet nor chucks.