Yutaka Niibe

A Solution for the Emulation (of USB device)

Yutaka Niibe at

I decided to introduce a feature specifying VID:PID at runtime, like:

$ /usr/local/libexec/gnuk --vidpid=VVVV:PPPP

That is, it is the end user who will specify the VID:PID. The distributed binary won't have any VID:PID, thus, no violation (of the USB-IF member agreement) will occur when someone will distribute Gnuk binary for emulation.

And when an end user does specify VID:PID of existing one, with her knowledge of emulation, I don't think it is violation of anything, either.


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As long as VID:PID cannot be copyrighted, or registered as a trademark.

Yutaka Niibe at 2017-10-05T23:41:19Z