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Why I'm not hopeful after yesterday's revelations: Too esoteric. "they fiddled the math" won't incite rage at the grocery store. We already had that revelation: "they're reading all your gmail and yahoo mail." Unfortunately, that wasn't even enough.

Sure, a bunch of crypto experts and security geeks and idiots like me will make some changes to the way we do things, but will it be enough? Will what Bruce S suggested (having the engineers take back the net) really work if every single entity large enough to manage a global communications system is in every way a tool of the government (at least with respect to this)?

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Meh, they always distrust the gobment. I'm worried about the Nancy Pelosi supporters. Or hell, the Obama supporters.

Greg Grossmeier at 2013-09-07T05:19:01Z

That's true, I didn't consider that the radio show had one of those "100% republican" slants. I just hope that they walk the talk and realize that neither of the two main parties are worthy of trust or votes.

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Anthony Garcia at 2013-09-07T09:28:40Z

A bit less elitism would be a good start. Please take that constructively.

Pete Daniels at 2013-09-07T17:48:45Z

Pete: Fair. But is my underlying fear still valid? That even this (and everything up to now) isn't enough?

Greg Grossmeier at 2013-09-08T01:40:37Z