Harold Cabezas haroldcabezas@identi.ca

A positive, energetic individual who looks to increase his knowledge and respects everyone.


  • kenami / Martín Ponce kenami@identi.ca

    Mèxico, Ciudad

    méxico mx nah tr ytech -- cemani topco -- i18n l10n Linux kde ¿gnome? Unix rdbms sql plsql mysql? dmd

  • Arcee arcee@urmf.net


    Some help: https://github.com/e14n/pump.io/wiki/Who-to-follow,-most-shared,-most-liked...-(informal-stats) http://polari.us/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=gettingstartedwithpumpio

  • dbillyx dbillyx@identi.ca


    soy usuario del softwarelibre mis neuronas buscan adquirir nuevos conocimientos... buscando la libertad en la red... mi vida actual esta en la version 28

  • The Dude Dean thedudedean@identi.ca

    Fort Lauderdale, United States

    The Greatest Living American Dude: SEO Consultant, Social Media Maverick, Web Developer and Elite Space Monkey

  • Ingeniero Forigua ingforigua@identi.ca

    Bogotá, Colombia

    Trabajando por el fomento de redes libres en colombia

  • Hippy Steve exador23@identi.ca

    Los Angeles, United States

    Home is now brainbird, where language and clear communication isn't under attack by an arbitrarily small character limit.

  • Brian Hendrickson brianjesse@identi.ca

    Portland, United States

    dad, tennis nut, mobile engineer @GunDogLabs - co-founder @nozzl, passed W3C Social Web Acid Test http://bh.ly/a7 @structalapp @hashtraffic

  • Ryo ryo@identi.ca

    Hólar, Iceland

    Hello! こんいちわ! My name is Ryo [ri:o] and I'm interested in Astronomy,Anime,Manga, Japan,Geocaching,Android.

  • Roney Smith seedoflife@identi.ca

    Christian author hiphop hip hop music atlanta pastor gospel technology african american blogger investor forex

  • Rahsheen Porter rahsheen@identi.ca

    Geek. Musician. Tech, New/Social Media, GTD Blogger, Coder, Ghettointellectualentarian

  • Alex ecubuntu@identi.ca

    San Jose, United States

    Member of California LoCo Team and Ecuador LoCo Team (My Home Country) I love Ubuntu, Technology and everything about computers