Hugo Roy

Paris, France

Free Software Foundation Europe (follow @fsfe | suivre @fsfefrance) / Terms of Service; Didn't Read co-founder. / Homepage:


  • Wikidata

    Berlin, Germany

    The free knowledge base that anyone can edit (tweets mostly by @nightrose)

  • Luis R. Rodriguez

    Chinatown, United States Costarican Linux hacker, free culture activist, tennis, jog, snowboard fiend, San Francisco earthling, puto

  • Evan Prodromou

    Montreal, Quebec, Canada

    I wanna go cool places with you.

  • whilelm

    Gūshdūn, Iran

  • hellekin

    Friedrichswerder, Germany

    Nomadic raver, interstitial resistor, infinitesimal shifter, peripheral vision, etc.

  • Vincent Demeester

    Paris, France

    Free Software, Debian, Ruby, Haskell & Java + Admin. sys. ; that could resume my interests.

  • Antonin Moulart

    Hameau du Pont, Saint Martin

  • Pablo Martin-Gomez

    Brussels, Belgium

    Wannabe hacker, libriste et troll amateur en économie et société. I <3 poneys and teh Internetz. Bruxellois de cœur, francilien malgré lui.

  • Hubert Lombard

    Gūshdūn, Iran

    Gnu/Linux & Hurd end user. Make comics stories under CC-BY-SA/ArtLibre, also gardening outside, recently intrigued by Oekonux

  • Blabl balba

  • Kolab Groupware

    Kolab is a #FreeSoftware personal information management solution and groupware.

  • Neustradamus


  • owncloud

    web services under your control

  • Alessandro Polvani

    Berlin, Germany

    Intern at the Free Software Foundation Europe