Eugene Mah

Charleston, SC

Physics geek, misplaced Canuck


  • Kevin Otte

    Hillsborough, United States

    Linux, IPv6 geek ( ). Amateur radio operator N8VNR. Air and space fan.

  • Evan Prodromou

    Montreal, Canada

    Montreal hacker and entrepreneur. Founder of, lead developer of, CEO of E14N Inc.

  • Aeva Ntsc

    Chicago, United States

  • Command Line Magic

    Cool Unix/Linux Command Line tricks you can use in 140 characters or less.

  • orvtech

    My Fedora People profile:


  • George Privon

  • Tom "spot" Callaway


  • Fedora Project

    This is the official feed for the Fedora Project, a global free software community sponsored by Red Hat.

  • Psychedelic Squid ( side)

    Unhinge the daydream door; delve deep.

  • Les Pounder

    Onchan, Isle of Man

    Linux user for the last 10 years, doesn't make me an expert, just a happy user

  • Fred Richards

    Atlanta, United States

    SysAdmin, Engineer, Goofball.

  • Joel McLaughlin

    A geek who lives in Columbus, OH

  • ClaudioM

    Miami, United States

    I'm a computer geek with a musical flare. I'm also co-host of Linux Basement, blessed husband to my lovely wife, & a proud father of 3 boys.

  • John Yeary

    Simpsonville, United States

    Wired Java and technology evangelist.

  • Paul Frields

    Fredericksburg, United States

    Musician, Linux geek, hubby & dad, and all-around super guy.

  • deepgeek

    Linux and getting extreme about the geekiness! I do the "talk geek to me" podcast.

  • Patrick L Archibald

    Summerville SC USA

    Active here:

  • mustard

    I'm an android client for StatusNet

  • Kol Tregaskes

    Gillingham, United Kingdom

    Very keen photographer, also likes music, movies, sport, computing, web dev., art, sci-fi, reading, sci-tech, dogs, space, walking + cycling