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My interpretation of my discussion with Aeva at last night's Python Office Hours . . . 
A: What are you working on?

J: I'm working on some stuff with Pelican. Just some Jinja templating stuff, and I may write a plugin.

A: Oh, cool. I wrote my own blogging engine. It's called Pariah.

J: Awesome. Does it, like, delete the posts that you write? Or does it randomly set private posts to public, and vice-versa?

A: No, actually, it grabs all of your posts, and finds ones from the past. And also finds secret ones from the future. If it can't find posts from the past, it creates a meta-past. But the meta-past is encrypted, and if you try to decrypt it, it will call your mom and tell her that you should stop trying to hack my blog and that you should be a good person and eat more vegetables. Then it compiles all of the files from different directories and sends your mom an encrypted SMS which has a special code that she uses to read the post on zerobin. Then the message self-destructs and the blog is recompiled.

J: That is the best blogging engine ever.

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