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Sharing without specifying recipients, as with many things in pump.io ATM, defaults to "CC:followers".

>> sazius:

“That's a good question. I think sharing is just another action in pump.io, like posting, liking etc. So probably clients could allow you to select to whom you are sharing. I should investigate this when I have time... :-)
Or has any of the other client devs already looked into this?”

AndStatus shares to Public (as with many things it does to Public, but they're fixing that now, I think...), so we know that addressing a share works.

>> sazius:

“Of course it raises some issue that you can share a private post with "Public", i.e. post it to the rest of the world. At the very least the client should warn you if you do that so you don't do it by mistake.”

Well, it's actually close to the current problem, where you can happily share with all your followers a very private message, very easily.

I'd say sharing a non-public message shouldn't be allowed, at the server level.

That being said, having the possibility of "sharing to especific people" is on my TODO list for Dianara, but I also might limit it to public posts. That brings a different set of problems, because if you see a post via someone sharing it, your client can't know if it was public...

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