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>> Cyber Killer:

“I sure hope they'll make some gradiented looking styles for this version. The flat colors remind me of ugly windoze8 :-P.”

Don't worry, if you liked Plasma with the Oxygen style (default in Plasma 4, for the desktop, app look, windeco and iconset), it's all there; it's just not the default. And it's very simple to quickly change the style/"UX" globally.

>> axel:

“Cool ... screenshot looks a lot like LXQT though, shouldn't the next gen KDE desktop have a little more BLING ?”

I'm not sure what you mean by "more bling", but this screenshot of the new generation of Plasma is not meant to show what it is or can be. It's just a "here's a Plasma desktop upgraded by a regular user using regular distro packages". Oh, and compositing is disabled, due to my Intel driver issues. There goes the bling down the drain! :p

As usual, Plasma can be whatever you want: very flashy, or very simple =)