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Plasma Active 4 is out!

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The KDE Community announces the release of Plasma Active 4 (PA4). Plasma Active is a user experience technology stack for consumer electronics. While the default user interface is for tablets, it can be customized to work on smartphones, settop boxes, smart TVs, and touch computing devices such as home automation and in-vehicle infotainment. There are major new improvements to the Files application, an overhaul of the on-screen keyboard and a completely free and open source system based on the Mer Core. The Plasma Active team invites involvement from people who want to participate in the widespread movement towards mobile computing.

What Plasma Active 4 offers

  • Groupware (email and calendar)
  • Integrated, touch friendly media player and viewer
  • Reading eBooks and PDFs
  • Viewing office suite documents
  • Local file storage
  • Direct access to files independent of file location
  • Synchronization with user-controlled remote storage
  • Tagging and other user-defined metadata
  • Semantic information management

More: http://dot.kde.org/2013/09/05/plasma-active-4-ready-when-you-are

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