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Testing Plasma 5 with Neon images...

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I'm checking out the latest Plasma 5 image by Project Neon, from here:


It's a live system on a Celeron 900 netbook, so it's far from ideal, but still... ;)

Some things are clearly more polished and nicer. Not loving the oh-so-white defaults and the monochrome "symbolic" icons (Breeze), but since it's Plasma, defaults don't worry me much =)

Also, I'm not sure which defaults come with Plasma Desktop itself, and which defaults come from Project Neon, so who knows...

Anyway, a few clicks here and there, and I had it back to my beloved Oxygen in several places. As windeco, Plasma and mouse themes I left Breeze, though.

Overall, nice... but I hope to be able to test it in a better machine soon!

The screenshot is not very interesting, but there are plenty of screenshots out there ;)

Thanks to Project Neon for providing these ISO images!

Oh, btw... if you have some money to spare, consider helping the KDE project with their fundraising for the Randa Meetings, so they can make even more awesome stuff =)

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It looks awesome... but how does it perform?

Eugenio M. Vigo at 2014-06-24T20:11:25Z

>> Eugenio M. Vigo:

“It looks awesome... but how does it perform?”

I can't really say. The test machine is a Celeron 900Mhz netbook, and it is a live system from a flash drive, so... not that good, but conditions aren't fair.

JanKusanagi @i at 2014-06-24T20:13:59Z