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Esperanto's attraction: What pulled you in, what kept you in?
Fantomius | 1 juin 2016

Much later I stumbled across a post written in Toki Pona, a constructed language that I knew was created by an Esperantist. Toki Pona was designed to be an easy and small language, and in trying to decipher the messages written back in forth, I fell in love with it and learned it through several on-line tutorials.

Unfortunately, Toki Pona isn't as widespread as Esperanto, and while it can break language barriers to some degree (you can easily express that you're hungry or you want to go home, but it's not so easy when discussing philospphy or finances), it left me wanting more. In fact, it ended up giving me an appetite for learning Esperanto!

And like Toki Pona, I started (re-)learning Esperanto using an on-line tutorial, and soon I discovered that Duolingo had a free on-line Esperanto course. So I thought, why not?

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