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My cat loves pea soup

James Dearing 🐲 at

My cat Cedric has always been a real foodie. I've never met a cat as obsessed with food as he is. But it never occurred to me to give him pea soup, until a few minutes ago when I found him licking my dirty soup bowl.

Anyone else have a cat with unusual tastes?

I had a cat that really liked thin plastic (e.g. plastic bags). Apparently the more crinkly the better. I had to be very careful not to leave anything like that out. She would find it very quickly. Perhaps that is more abnormal than unusual... She was a sweet cat otherwise. :)

Charles Stanhope at 2016-12-07T06:15:43Z

Years ago, had a cat that would eat corn on the cob.

hammerron at 2017-02-28T14:08:40Z