John Eckman


  • Ben Williams

    Boston, United States

    Belligerent and numerous.

  • Paul Monaco

    Manchester, United States

    Just a geek into social media from back in the day when it was 300-baud and called BBSing

  • ɯu


  • Javier Alvarez Samayoa

    Guatemala City, Guatemala

    Open source advocate and Ruby on Rails developer.

  • Lola Rennt

    Berlin, Germany

    iterating on the run.

  • James Michael DuPont

    Hopewell, NJ

  • Zach Copley

    Squirrel Town, United States

    Dangerous Web Hillbilly

  • Scott Wells

    Days at Sunlight Foundation. Nights and weekends with Christian Universalism in a Unitarian Universalist context, Esperanto.

  • forest mars

    "140 characters is the new haiku" -forest Mars


    writing and sharing tiny tech tips your momma could understand.

  • Jono Bacon

    Ubuntu Community Manager, Author and Musician. For the gory details, see

  • James Robertson

    Edinburgh, United Kingdom

    Part-time social networking enthusiast. Enjoys programming with Ruby.

  • Steve Pomeroy

  • G Walter

    a not-so-perfect man with a Dad Attitude.

  • Eleftherios Kosmas

    Linux user/ part-time contributor in the Greek Linux Format and full time sleep technologist in Evaggelismos Hospital of Athens,

  • The Linux Foundation

    San Francisco, United States

    The Linux Foundation is a nonprofit consortium dedicated to fostering the growth of Linux.

  • Brian Hendrickson

    Portland, United States

    dad, tennis nut, mobile engineer @GunDogLabs - co-founder @nozzl, passed W3C Social Web Acid Test @structalapp @hashtraffic

  • Dr. Matt Lee

    New England

  • Hippy Steve

    Los Angeles, United States

    Home is now brainbird, where language and clear communication isn't under attack by an arbitrarily small character limit.

  • Tim Bray