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Can't help but notice that Debian is releasing with this RC bug which I provided a trivial patch for 4 months ago.

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I only recently learned that the "Debian QA Team" is not actually a small group of people focused on dealing with orphaned packages, but is instead "the set of all Debian Developers".

Diane Trout at 2015-04-25T19:49:17Z

Douglas Perkins, Stephen Michael Kellat likes this.

Well thanks for that. Sheesh!!!

joeyh at 2015-04-26T01:48:22Z

Seriously, "whining?"

Doe this thing have killfiles, or should I just leave?

joeyh at 2015-04-26T01:50:00Z

hi can you help me , i want to learn debian , and i also new user i still do not get used, anyway nice to meet you , follow me back if you do not mind

downloadgame4 at 2015-04-28T12:52:36Z