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10 tiny torx screws and masking tape. That's what I hate about taking a laptop apart. The fan yesterday developed a slight burr, almost unnoticable until you do and then annoying without end.

Had to work on it for 2 solid hours. My smallest torx bit didn't quite fit; lived in fear of stripping the screws. Rehearsed everything on my same-model parts laptop, and still hated every minute of it. Eventually I disconnected the fan, for now. Its cable was held down by a spot of masking tape. That's new; they must have changed cable lengths and this was some engineer's quick fix.

And that's what I hate about taking a laptop apart, I see the shortcuts, the screws that bite into plastic, the ribbon cables with their latches surely rated for < 100 cycles, the bits of tape. Once I've had a laptop apart I can never look at it quite the same way again, as a hunk of consumer electronics that is going to work for a while, until entropy eats it and it doesn't. I know , and somehow, when it comes to consumer hardware, I don't want to.

Software is so different for me, I had no problem PEEKing and POKEing away at the fan controller's bits last night, although I have not managed to adapt to work with this model so far, and only managed to get the fan stuck on high, rather than turned off.

I want a bunnie laptop. If it's designed to be taken apart, it wouldn't bother me.

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Laptop temp seems to be holding steady at 48C, with spike to 51C during a long compile. Seems pretty reasonable w/o a fan, at least in January. I think the fan used to keep it around 42C.

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