satoshi and ageism in tech

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Whether or not Dorian S. Nakamoto (64) is satoshi, inventor of bitcoin, I'm finding ageism in tech to be an interesting lens through which to look today.

The myths that have been circulating before: "satoshi" was some "shadowy pseudonymous cabal of libertarian cryptographers" (dTal); the bitcoin code was the product of genius. "My fifteen point list of obvious likely bugs was systematically destroyed by a codebase that quite frankly knew better" -- Kaminsky

Compare with how I've seen the bitcoin code described today: "Satoshi's style of writing code was old-school. He used things like reverse Polish notation. [...] We have rewritten roughly 70 percent of the code since inception. It wasn't written with nice interfaces. It was like one big hairball." -- Gavin Andresen

Then there's the HN thread, which seems mostly concerned with protecting a kindly grandfather (who is into model trains no less) from the world, and various reddit threads in various stages of denial and confusion, which I stopped reading when I got to the predictable "(sounds a bit senile tbh)"

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