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No more DRM in public library audio books (now if they'd also remove it from their ebooks..)

These folks claim to be signing up more kids to learn to code than are signing up for Facebook at any given day.

Aaaand, the tech ctte is voting on systemd at last, so it will soon be OVER. .... right? coughGR

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You take the win where you can. The vendors for the most part really don't want to sell to libraries in this fashion and want to go direct-to-consumer. Overdrive fights a messy fight down in Cleveland's suburbs to make anything available at all. I still focus on purchasing physical copies whenever possible to sidestep the whole mess.

Stephen Michael Kellat at 2014-01-25T19:52:40Z

Unfortunately, Overdrive have not actually removed DRM, they've just switched to MP3-based DRM:

François Marier at 2014-01-25T23:31:13Z

Alternatively, someone said "MP3s have DRM" on twitter w/o really understanding 2 of the 3 words.

joeyh at 2014-01-25T23:56:25Z

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Take it where you can, but don't let its significance be exaggerated. Nobody should have to use proprietary software of any kind to check something out of a library.

johns at 2014-01-27T22:48:57Z

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