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You have just met Danny Longo & The Hounds

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Great 1st record from Danny Longo. Listen here

About Danny Longo & The Hounds

Deni “Danny” Longo was an Asian-American underground porn star in the late 70’s. Danny became notorious for his mob and gang connections, specially a local Miami gang called The Hounds. In the late 90’s Danny moved to Europe and decided to have a shot at a musical career and promptly named his rock band, “Danny Longo & The Hounds”. Danny died from syphilis related complications shortly after but the songs and legacy of the rock´n´roll genius of Danny Longo is being kept alive … Danny left us a repertoire of over 60 original songs and in 2012 a group of musicians decided to use the name of “Danny Longo & The Hounds” and keep on showing what rock’n’roll is all about!
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