Best Tablet of MWC 2015!

Jolla at

Thank you ALL once again for your continued feedback and support. We received the Best Tablet of ‪MWC 2015‬ award from TrustedReviews!

Hands on with the new Jolla Tablet:

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@JMobile thanks!!

Jolla at 2015-03-12T05:22:20Z


talo at 2015-03-12T08:45:16Z

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That's great but when and where can we buy one?

gdk at 2015-03-12T18:40:05Z

@gdk Check out the Jolla Tablet on Indiegogo:

The campaign is open until end of this month! If you contribute now, you're entitled to a discount (compared to the expected retail price if the tablet is sold after the campaign). More details in the link :)

Jolla at 2015-03-16T10:55:34Z