Josh Rickmar

Ann Arbor, United States

I study Computer Engineering at the University of Michigan. OpenBSD user. Colemak typist. ENFJ personality.


  • Joel Adamson

    Carolina, Puerto Rico Evolutionary Theory student at UNC Chapel Hill; PGP ID: 15DAA784


    I don't want to live here anymore.

  • Mario García H.

    Bogotá, Colombia

    A free software geek and GNU advocate. Committed to KISS as a standard. Love science, politics, music and arts. But mostly dogs.

  • Steven Rosenberg

    Los Angeles, United States

    Steven Rosenberg writes about many things. I currently run Fedora Linux on my personal hardware, Windows on my non-personal hardware.

  • robert reed daly

    Fīsherābād, Iran

    Objectivist-leaning blogger,intensely private,

  • Dr. Steve Morreale

  • Heroid Shehu

    Gjakovë, Kosovo

    Free Software Activist and GLUG Leader, Java Programmer, GNU/Linux User and developer

  • Tomas Ekeli

    Tønsberg, Norway

    Developer, and geek. I like shiny things and beer. My time is spent searching for these and with my wonderful wife and children.

  • xsteadfastx

    Nuremberg, Germany

  • Leo Rockway

    Free software advocate.

  • Matt Lee

    Boston, United States

    Internet has-been, AOL user.