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My cat seems strange: He goes into the kitchen to get his dry food, but then carries it back into the living room where he puts it on the carpet before eating it.

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Ours also pulls out her food kibble by kibble. We have to keep an empty plate next to her food dish so she can eat that. Her food bowl and "eating-helper" dish are both on the top of the cat carrier. (It's a really large carrier, actually meant for dogs, because she's very claustrophobic.) Inside the carrier is the water bowl. We used to have the water bowl next to the food bowl, but she'd just drop all the food into the water bowl and it would get soggy. A lovable cat, but not very bright...

Christopher Allan Webber at 2017-07-14T17:39:39Z

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In my case, my three little dogs are who "takes away" food and then eats it, usually in the carpet or down my bed. My two female cats are who eats directly from bowl (it's a You shall not eat!). You know, Cats rules, and are here to rule the world, slowly, step by step, but unstopable... xD

Panko at 2017-07-14T19:50:22Z