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Making a script from a dream I had: FADE IN: EXT. SPACE – A NEBULA – A ship approaching at high speed fires its engines to slow down. Its sleek, black shape seems to disappear briefly as it moves behind the nebula. Deceleration increases dramatically as it reappears and approaches the surface of a planet. It comes to rest in an open plain with only a slight bump against the ground. Red exterior lights are activated and illuminate the ground surrounding the airlock as it opens.

A woman emerges from the airlock and slowly rotates her head to take in the scene around her. She's wearing a white spacesuit that stands in stark contrast against the dull grey alloy of the walls and floor of the ship. She wears two small pouches on each hip. She has long black hair pulled back into a ponytail. Her face is hard, angular with deep lines on her forehead and around her mouth. She exits the ship and walks across the ground away from the airlock.

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As she leaves, we can see that she is carrying a large metal case. Her movements seem awkward as if she does not quite know what to do with her legs. She turns to look back at the ship for a moment before continuing. As she walks away from the ship, she takes a few steps and then stops. Her eyes widen slightly and she looks up to the sky above her. Suddenly, something moves in the clouds and a loud crack echoes through the open field.

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The sound is followed by another crack, this time much closer. She stares upwards and sees another ship rapidly approaching, growing larger as it approaches her location. She tries to run but the other ship fires a weapon, just missing her but causing a huge explosion. The shockwave hits her hard and she flies backwards, hitting the ground heavily and rolling several times. As she gets back to her feet, dust settles around her. She stands and looks around, momentarily confused.

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Slowly, a large section of the ground near where she fell begins to rise up like a wall, revealing a complex tunnel system underneath. She turns and runs towards it.

This is the end of my dream, as the alarm clock then sounded and woke me up. But even my dreams are Free: This dream is CC-BY-SA either version 4.0 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. See https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/

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