Karsten Gerloff karsten@identi.ca

Aachen, Germany

Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) - President. Free Software, policy, strategy, patents, copyright


  • Sam Shah psdtohtmlfive@pumpdog.me

    India, Gujarat, Ahamdabad

    I am Sam Shah offshore PSD to HTML5, WORDPRESS, JOOMLA, DRUPAL, ZEN CART, or Any Conversion service provider firm located in India. Send us your requirements now.

  • sazius sazius@pump.saz.im

    Espoo, Finland

    I’m a computer science researcher. I care about digital rights and social justice issues. It might be a good idea to also follow my backup account: sazius@fmrl.me.

  • Tom Gordon tfgordon@pumpdog.me

    Berlin, Germany

    Open source software developer of argumentation technology for social media, law and politics. Advocate for sustainability, permaculture, democracy, civil liberties and human rights. Musician (blues, folk, Irish trad). US American living near Berlin, Germany.

  • Matthias Wimmer mawis@identi.ca

    Múnich Beieren Germany Eŭropa

    A developper for embedded, java and mobile applications that loves sailing.

  • gdk gdk@identi.ca

    Cannot compute.

  • Ron K. Jeffries ronkjeffries@identi.ca

    Arroyo Grande, United States

    Watch, listen, read, write. Rinse and repeat as needed. Writing a book about the torture and murder of a 15 year old girl, Dystiny Myers, September 25/26 2010 in Nipomo, CA. http://ronkjeffries.pen.io

  • Francesco Ciattaglia ataualpa@identi.ca

    Jesi, Italy

    Debianer, Mutter, author of 'Il Nirvana con Mutt' and 'Ataualpa's Fortunes'. Dmoz editor for Mutt.

  • FLWNQWUD bonelli@identi.ca



  • nunatak nunatak@identi.ca

    Cologne, Germany

    Geograph, Geoökologe, Bodenkundler & Ethnologe, GIS & Linux User. Interessiert an OpenData, OpenSource, Netzkultur & mehr.

  • Cuenta cancelada mjfriaza@identi.ca

  • RuiSeabra RuiSeabra@p.1407.org

    Lisbon, Portugal

    Professional sysadmin during the day; Free Software advocate, current president of https://ANSOL.org/, father and other adventurous stuff by night with a strong interest in civil rights, namely in the (broadly ignored) digital scene.

  • Raúl Benencia rul@identi.ca

    Planet Earth

    Hello, I'm a person.

  • zykotick9@pumpdog.me

  • gheorghe gheorghe@identi.ca

  • farid osc@identi.ca



  • Paul Pritchard expatpaul@identi.ca


    British film buff and Science Fiction fan. Currently living in Belgium and earning an income from building interfaces.

  • David Jacovkis dvdjaco@identi.ca

    Barcelona, Spain

    :: unlocking the knowledge society::

  • Hertatijanto Hartono dvertx@identi.ca

    Jakarta, Indonesia

    FOSS enthusiast and advocate

  • Marc Canter marccanter@identi.ca

    I started a company called macroMind which became Macromedia. I'm the CEO of Broadband Mechanics and an open web advocate.

  • Dimi Piraat dimipiraat@identi.ca


    Anarcho-taoist-gypsy-rasta-hippie-burner-punk into tattoos, electronic music, activism, ecology, geek stuff and lots more.