Tom Tishken

Anyone still using ICQ?

Tom Tishken at

anyone still running ICQ? i have my client logged in and have not seen anyone i know in some time.

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my main concern is to have to ability to communicate on as many networks as possible. keep the bits flowing to make many bytes. hope i did not bore you guys.

Tom Tishken at 2017-05-05T21:50:22Z

You don't need to write many comments ending in "...", there is no character limit here ;)

JanKusanagi at 2017-05-06T00:15:01Z

old habits are hard to break

Tom Tishken at 2017-05-06T00:17:01Z

Have you tried matrix ( Their aim is kind of to make one network to rule them all. Basically, they are creating bridges to other networks, IRC, Slack and I think XMPP are already available.

It might be something you like.

Aqeel Zafar at 2017-05-06T07:51:57Z