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>> AleksandrSlobodeniuk:

“For me it helped 2 times: just spam everybody with you summary, with no exceptions. People should be informed that you exist, they need you, they're looking for you, I'm serious. If one will reply, then you can just talk to them.

You should clearly understand, that people don't know how to describe the job and requirements it text form, so they usually write uber crap.

For example, on my current job I live inside the ffmpeg source code, IEC and SMPTE documents, this is actually the job of my dream. But in the description of vacancy the next requirements were read: MFC, Visual Studio, Microsoft SQL. I came to them and said "guys, I NEVER opened Visual Studio", but they took me anyway, and for today they gave me even more money, because the problems are solving, buisness is going on.”

Alex, this is great! It would be better to solve problems my way.