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My 9/11 thought is not about terrorism, it's about one underexamined poor response: Don't drastically tighten airport security measures but then offer wealthy|privileged|not-obviously-muslim folks special treatment by which they can get shorter lines.  (https://www.rants.org/2016/06/trusties_and_suspies/)

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not-obviously-muslim has some really odd things go on.

My brother has a beard. He went to Dubai once. Now he gets "randomly screened" on international flights.

I do not have a beard. I have also been to Dubai. No random screening. 


We are of Swedish-English-Irish descent. Our father teaches at Baptist university and my brother has lived in the small-town south his entire life minus his 4 years at Chapel Hill. 

Unless there's another "Evan Whitfield" that is engaged in something that might be seen as a radical profile, then wtf.

I'd suggest my profile suggests I'm much more likely to be a radical. BUT ZOMG BEARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doug Whitfield at 2018-09-14T14:12:09Z

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