Karl Fischer kmf@identi.ca

Pretoria, South Africa

Happy Believer, Husband & Father, Work at Obsidian Systems, an Open Source Consultancy Firm. Love Open Source, Open Standards & The Open Way. Love talking to people & making friends


  • Bdale Garbee bdale@identi.ca

  • Aaron Seigo aseigo@identi.ca

    KDE developer (Plasma!!), past President and board member for KDE e.V. , Free software enthusiast, world traveling Canadian, father.

  • Free as in Freedom faif@identi.ca

    Brooklyn, United States

    Free as in Freedom is a bi-weekly oggcast hosted by @bkuhn & @kaz covering legal, policy, & other issues in the software freedom community.

  • Evan Prodromou evan@e14n.com

    Montreal, Quebec, Canada

    I wanna go cool places with you.

  • Scorpio20 Scorpio20@microca.st

    KZN, Republic of South Africa

    Was using Identic.ca before. A guy interested in Free Software, Debian, python n other Openid: https://launchpad.net/~anban https://en.gravatar.com/scorpioat20 http://communicationfreedom.wordpress.com/2014/03/17/pump-io-tips/

  • Ville-Pekka Vainio vpv@identi.ca

    Helsinki, Finland

    Open source/free software geek, hacker, Fedora developer, FLOSS translator, metalhead...

  • Eike Rathke erack@identi.ca

    Hamburg, Germany

    LibreOffice core developer and violin tormentor. Free Software, Debian, Fedora. Preferred locomotion: cycling ashore and sailing offshore.

  • Michel Alexandre Salim hircus@identi.ca

    Jakarta, Indonesia

    Fedora contributor, FLOSS developer, programming paradigm aficionado, privacy advocate, researcher

  • the_remora theremora@identi.ca

    Charlotte, United States

    Linux, fedora, fixing computers and Mandalorians

  • Máirín mairin@identi.ca

    Boston, United States

    I'm an free / open source software interaction designer. I love Fedora and Hello Kitty among other things. Is mise mé féin, cé tusa?

  • Tommy He lovenemesis@identi.ca

    Xi'an, China

    FOSS advocate, Fedora contributor, Tech Journalist, Psychology & Management postgraduate, SCJP/Android/JavaScript/Python-er, Photography fan

  • Nikos Roussos comzeradd@identi.ca

    Kalamávki, Greece

    opensource & digitalrights activist - @mozilla rep, @fedora dev, @fsfe ga member, @hackerspacegr member

  • The copyleft-next project copyleftnext@identi.ca

    https://fedorahosted.org/mailman/listinfo/copyleft-next https://gitorious.org/copyleft-next

  • Tsyesika Tsyesika@microca.st


    Free software hacker, works at Igalia.

  • Kev Macphail kevie@identi.ca

    Lewis, United Kingdom

    A lewis man, proud dad, Christian, Linux user, podcaster (CCJam, Crivins, TuxJam), Bluenose & (N.O) Saints fan, Married to @lochiesangel

  • Thunderwing thunderwing@identi.ca

    Las Vegas, United States

    I'm a Christian, work for an international bank, and enjoy dance, rock, and rap music, and tech podcasts like the TWiT network.

  • Leandro Guimarães Faria Corcete DUTRA ld@identi.ca

    Santana, Brazil

    Orthodox Proteſtant Chriſtian Relational data adminiſtrator

  • Jan Wildeboer jwildeboer@identi.ca

    Munich, Germany

    Distributed, federated world domination based on open standards and with Free Software is my goal.

  • kodkod kodkod@microca.st

    Hagenberg, Austria

    I'm a defensive security engineer with a passion for Free Software and DevOps. As such, I'm very interested in combining FLOSS tools and DevOps principles to solve problems like Patch Management, Log Management, Security Event Management or Vulnerabilty Assessment. I strongly believe that a good security posture requires tight integration of strategic & tactical security management with security operations to develop appropriate policies, implement effective actions and measure their success meaningfully. I strongly believe in Software Freedom and copyleft as a tool to improve Software Freedom overall. This is why in my free time I volunteer for the Free Software Foundation Europe by coordinating the local group Linz also for the FH Linux Users Group (fhLUG) by organizing and giving talks and workshops, including talks on Open Standards, Software Freedom and FLOSS Licensing.

  • Free Software Foundation fsf@microca.st

    Boston, MA

    Fighting for essential freedoms for computer users since 1985. https://www.fsf.org