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Third release candidate for the new XMPP version. Published also on Google Play and on F-Droid (basic flavor). This is a bugfix-only release, but two new languages were added: Japanese and Serbian.


#248: add received pictures to gallery
#376: fix donations through Play Store
#377: workaround for DAVDroid bug
#383, #389, #394, #396, #397: improvements to battery life
#386: support for multiple links in a message
#390: fix incoming messages wrong order


#381: new languages: Japanese, Serbian

You can see all the details for the issues closed with this release here.
Download apk files here:

https://kontalk.raunz.name/files/Kontalk-3.0-rc3-googleplay.apk (Google Play flavor)
https://kontalk.raunz.name/files/Kontalk-3.0-rc3-basic.apk (basic flavor)

Suso Comesaña (Cuenta antigua...cerrará dentro de poco) at 2015-04-23T20:18:52Z

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