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I use Twitter because:
I believe the original post is only about those who abandoned federated networks for Twitter when Identica made the PumpIO transition.

Yes. The main sentence of my post was the first one: "Dear freesoftware identica quiet friends"

Dear friends because I know them and I love them

Free software because they use and *promote* free software because they were active users before the transition (and *promoted* the use of as a free software microblogging platform)

Quiet because they are not using now (or using it much much less than before) and they are not active in other free software microblogging platform. They just went to Twitter (they were there before too, but posting from

It makes me think that even creating an account in a server is a high barrier today.

I sent my post to, (and the fediverse), and from it has been propagated to Twitter.

I was expecting some Twitter replies from people that we know each other , but the fact is that I obtained answers only from the StatusNet federation or from here the Pumpiverse.

I love you all, but you are already using freesoftware platforms for posting :)

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