Laura Arjona Reina

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I feel your pain. I also craft posts depending on the target universe, given the current status of things (not bugs but other kind of issues, as I'll explain…).

I sometimes get no css or problems in, I think there is not a bug but network issues (timeouts, whatever). In any case, I think using a client is better than the web interface.

I usually post in, if it's less than 140 chars, it goes to my quitter account in the GNUSocial fediverse, and from there, TwitterBridge to Twitter.

If it's more than 140 chars, I manually publish a quit linking to the note. I first considered it was a pump2status bug (pump2tweet shortens the note), but now I better like this behavior, since my crafted short message is way better (hashtags, group bangs etc).

Sometimes it's not TwitterBridge failing, it's Twitter that transforms URLs to “” links, and makes the note longer than 140, so it does not get posted. This is a Twitter bug and an antifeature IMHO, but each day I care less and less about Twitter, so…

Anyway, keep posting. We appreciate it!