Laura Arjona Reina

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What you propose is not sustainable, not for you, not for anybody.

Would you wish a +60 hours/week job, to anyone of your beloved? I wouldn't, not even in the most amazing job. We need to rest the body and the soul, to devote free time to other plans, to family and to other social/human communities, to the ones that are in need and we can inconsciously 'not see' when we are buried wit our own 'business'… we also need some room for the unexpected things/people to come in our hearts, wallet and timetables.

It's incredible what Conservancy does with so small staff. But I'm very sad it's at so high cost for you, and probably the other people working there.

Today I picked my t-shirt from the post office. I'm so proud! Thanks! I hope there are many other 'new supporters' out there, and I deeply wish Conservancy is able to hire one more person, because 'working more hours' is not a solution.

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