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This week I'm quite busy at job fighting with the deployment of the computer labs: preparing the "master disks" with a long list of programs to install (and since I know apt, those Windows installations, one by one, with DVDs, license managers, activations and so, become more tyring and #grr ).
On the positive side, I also install a bunch of free software utilities on them (and, hey, each year more teachers are using #freesoftware for their classes, and so, they ask for it instead of the privative ones), and I use Clonezilla to create/deploy the images.
Could be worse, but I'm counting the days until holidays!

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Hola Laura! At the end of your message, I was almost reading "counting the days until no windows on images". :) Keep up the good work and enjoy your holidays!

netgeek at 2013-07-23T19:44:26Z

From your experience, what would it take to get more teachers use free software in computer labs?

Andi at 2013-07-23T19:49:26Z

Andi: they need not to spend too much time teaching the tool itself (in our case it's agronomics school) so if it's easily installable in windows and it is a graphical tool, better than one that needs the command line or scripts.
This is the case of R, for example: they ask for “R + RCommander”.

They try to find something with no cost and the tool that they like or choose it's free software, but they didn't know it. This is the case of Raswin for example for visualizing proteins.

Other times they ask for a tool not having its licenses, or being it nonfreesoftware, or they want to do something and they don't know which program to use. In those cases I provide a list of alternatives, being all of them free software, and try to be helpful. If they want privative stuff they have to search and test by themselves or ask another person. No help there, sorry.

Laura Arjona Reina at 2013-07-23T21:08:19Z

Nice approach. I wish more people in positions like you would do this.

Andi at 2013-07-24T03:54:29Z