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The Emacs challenge, again

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I open Emacs only three or four times a year, when I need to prepare a presentation. That is because I know a bit of org-mode, enough to get my slides done in latex-beamer very quickly (I usually touch the output .tex file to finish the appearance in LaTeX).

Then, I promise myself to learn a bit more of Emacs and full-learn org-mode, because I know they will change my life (to better).

But later, I feel lazy, and I keep using nano and gedit (enough for my needs, most of the times...).

Last summer's plan of learning in my commute time broke when I realize that my keyboard's left Ctrl and Alt keys didn't work for some combinations.

But then, my keyboard totally broke, and now it's totally repaired.

And with the help of @Christopher Allan Webber I've created my first .emacs file and learned a bit about installing and loading packages, and some keyboard shortcuts (which I repeated enough times to remember tomorrow, I hope).

And now I have a real-size screen and a real-size keyboard at home. And I decided not to use paper agenda this year (now I'm with "offline calendar" and "simply do" in my phone, and some small real papers for remainders on the fridge door).

I'll try to walk the Emacs road again, I hope this time I'm persistent and learn enough to use it more often.

Maybe when it's time I already know enough to teach my son. It would be a very nice present, similar as what my mother did, teaching me (and my sisters) to type.

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Efficiency is what matters. If it takes a long time to learn, you gotta trade the time spent learning it and looking up commands to the time saved once you know it.

Douglas Perkins at 2014-10-02T01:52:36Z

The best way to learn emacs is to have @kfogel patiently walk you through all your tasks and patiently lead you to the keystrokes you need. He is doing that for somebody to my immediate left and it is a marvel to hear.

Failing that, step one might be learn enough to do what you used to do in gedit. That means, open/close/save, switch buffers, search and replace, basic movement. It's probably easier than trying to remember all the key combos.

James Vasile at 2014-10-02T17:19:38Z

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