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New blogpost: Upgrading my laptop to Debian Jessie

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New blogpost: Upgrading my laptop to !Debian #Jessie

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Respekt! I don't know how one can survive in that time machine that some people call debian stable.

All the better to see you can taste some fresh software :)

mray INACTIVE at 2014-07-20T20:58:12Z

I'm with @George Standish, specially taking into account that security patches are released for stable/oldstable, and releasing them for testing usually occurs some days later.

But I wanted to get a bit involved in the release too, as I explain in my post: the plan is to diagnose issues, try to reproduce them... help a bit, if I can.

At job I stay in Wheezy, since having a stable system, and getting security patches ASAP is my priority there.

Laura Arjona Reina at 2014-07-20T21:20:06Z

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I use Sid on several of my boxes, but sometimes, rarely, there are major bugs that hang around for a month or so, like with PHP5 most recently, or Firefox crashing all the time, and that really really sucks. If you use Stable, you avoid that.

Douglas Perkins at 2014-07-21T01:02:11Z

My main problem is that some key software packages are waaay behind the release.

mray INACTIVE at 2014-07-21T08:00:18Z